Three Ways to Save on Diapers

Three Ways to Save on Diapers (and Our Very First Thrifty Thursday Blog-Hop!)
March 1, 2012
Welcome to our very first Thrifty Thursday blog hop! We’d love to have you link up your thrifty-themed posts.

Most moms agree: diapers are the most expensive part of clothing a baby.

I have three children and figure I’ve changed 12,000 diapers. At the very least.

That is a lot of diapers!

Regularly priced diapers range from 20 to 35 cents each. Going with $0.25 x 12,000? That’s $3,000 this mama doesn’t have. Maybe you don’t either.

Baby in diaper

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Three Ways to Save on Diapers
1. Use cloth diapers

My mom used them, my grandmas used them. Cloth has been used for centuries. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, cloth diapers can save hundreds of dollars.

They can be a steep upfront investment, but Little Natural Cottage’s has 5 ideas for keeping the cost minimal. Want to make your own? Penniless Parenting shows how to make your own cloth diapers… from an old t-shirt!

Of course, you have the expense of water and detergent, but that will be far less than $3,000! If you are willing to undergo the extra work (and the nastiness factor) cloth diapers are a wonderful way to save money diapering your baby.

2. Buy disposable diapers on sale, in bulk

My husband has agreed to most of my money-saving, natural-living ideas, but put his foot down on this one. No cloth diapers allowed in our home.

That doesn’t mean we can’t save though!

Diapers go on sale frequently. Especially if you are not brand loyal (Target and Walgreens diapers work well!) you can often find them marked 50% off or more. I have a target price of 10 cents for small diapers and 12 cents for larger sizes.

Follow saving sites (Money Saving Mom is my very favorite) to stay updated with diaper deals. Drugstores and online sites like Amazon frequently run sales. Oh, and I just learned that Amazon Mom is open again! Join up to save up to 20% on diaper deals! Hurray!

Set aside a bit of money each week to stock up if there’s an exceptional sale. (Just please be polite of other moms who also need a good deal!)

If you don’t have time to run down a sale, find the cheapest brand that works for your child and buy them in bulk.

3. Potty train early!

Did you know that in many cultures, mothers potty train their infants? Or rather, mothers train themselves to take their child to the bathroom from infancy.

If it can be done in other countries, surely it can be done here too. Shalom Brand shares how she trained her little daughter.

I lacked the discipline (or desire) to potty train my infants, but started potty training earlier than average. Every month sooner, is one month sooner that you can stop buying diapers!

(In celebration of paying off our student loans, Feminine Adventures is offering a fourth way to save on diapers: win them! Enter for your chance to win a box of diapers.)

What about you? What methods do you use to save on diapering?


Join Jenn (from The Purposeful Mom) and me for our very first Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop!

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Jenn and I will each be sharing frugal tips of our own, so be sure to check out both of our blogs each Thursday for lots of money-saving ideas.

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Ten Ways to Show Hospitality on a Budget (Thrifty Thursday)
February 23, 2012
Starting next Thursday, my lovely friend Jenn (from The Purposeful Mom) and I will be hosting our first weekly Thrifty Thursday blog-hop. We’d love to have you join us with your thrifty tips and encouraging financial stories!

Maybe your budget, like mine, is limited. Hospitality is still an art you can and should practice. The purpose of hospitality is not to showcase your home or dazzle guests with amazing food.

Hospitality is simply “receiving and entertaining strangers or guests …with kind and generous liberality” (Webster).

Hospitality is a Scriptural command. Leaders in the church are required to “be given to hospitality.” Each member of the church should also seek to use their home to minister to the needy, mutually “sharpen” friends and “entertain strangers”.

In our fast-paced, online society, taking the time to open your home and engage with people right around you is especially important.

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10 Way to Show Hospitality on a Budget
Create a welcoming environment using what you have. A scented candle, pretty music or jar of wildflowers add a warm touch and are inexpensive. Use items you have and remember that hospitality is not a Martha Stewart contest!
Open your home, without serving food. If your food budget scarcely lets you feed your own family, you can show hospitality without serving a meal. Watch a friend or neighbor’s children to give them a break. Invite a friend over in the afternoon, just to chat.
If you want to serve food…
Remember, you don’t have to host dinner. Invite a friend for lunch or breakfast. One of my favorite times of fellowship was over brunch. My sister-in-law and her husband invited several couples over and made homemade waffles topped with strawberries and ice cream. It was delicious, simple and fit their budget.
Make homemade cookies or brownies. Whenever you make cookies, make a big batch and freeze the extra dough in wax paper to pull out for fresh hot cookies at a moment’s notice. Many cookie recipes freeze well: Almond Crunch Cookies are some of my favorite!
If you are hosting guests for dinner…
Compile a simple rotating company menu. Think through the meals and desserts your family loves. Make a list of meals that you can serve when company is coming. They don’t have to be expensive or gourmet. Soups, homemade pizza and Savory Lentil Rice Casserole are delicious, yet budget-friendly.
Keep ingredients for those meals stocked. This will save on gas money and impulse purchases… and relieve a whole lot of stress!
Shop your cupboards and use what you have. Maybe unexpected company is coming and you’re almost out of groceries. Get creative. A missionary shared an inspiring story of a time she only had one onion, some cheese and spices in the house. Company unexpectedly dropped by. Instead of panicking, she turned the onion and cheese into a savory creation that her guest raved about!
Make bread or biscuits to serve with your meal. Homemade baked goods are increasingly rare and enliven even the humblest of meals.
Serve water or make your own iced tea. Add sliced lemon to “make it fancy”. Homemade tea costs a fraction of store-bought. I buy a box of 100 tag-less tea bags at Walmart for $1. Using four per quart, that’s enough to make more than six gallons of tea. Better yet, grow your own mint!
Share the load. Let your guest bring a side. If you are hosting a large group, plan a meal that all can contribute to, like burritos. Have each guest bring a filling or two. Or, host a potluck type event.
Join The Purposeful Mom and me next week for our first Thrifty Thursday blog hop!
What about you? How do you practice hospitality on a budget?

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