Four Frugal Ways to Build Your Library

Four frugal ways to build your family library

Last week, I shared a growing list of our favorite picture storybooks. Stories that are worth reading and re-reading. Stories that I think are worth owning. Because I’m a frugal minimalist and terribly picky about what books I want to read aloud 157 times, I usually borrow books from a friend, check them out from the […]

Our Backyard Flock


Last week the kids and I went to a local hatchery and became proud owners of six adorable baby chicks. Now the soft chirp of baby chicks mingles with the morning songs of the numerous wild birds that flit about our backyard.  I haven’t owned a pet since I was ten, so the fact that […]

9 Reasons to Shop at Aldi (Besides Saving Money)


After four years of the nearest Aldi being almost an hour away, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have two Aldi stores within fifteen minutes of us. If I were a millionaire, I would still shop at Aldi. I much prefer shopping there than at other stores. Shopping at Aldi saves money. Lots of money. But that’s […]

8 Uses for an Old White Sheet


There’s something so fun about turning an item that was bound for the trashcan into something useful! We recently changed bed sizes so I had several non-necessary, good-quality, but somewhat stained white sheets to play with. Here’s a few ways to up-cycle an old white sheet. Plant coverings. Cut the sheet into various-sized plant covers. Use […]

Ebates Review (or Why Didn’t I Join Sooner?)


[Normally I shy away from posts encouraging you to sign up for this or that great deal because I don’t want that to be the focus of this site. Occasionally though I get a deal that seems too good not to share with someone. Today, you are that someone! Lucky you, right?] Have you heard […]

Stop! Don’t Squash! (Encourage Good Bugs to Keep Bad Bugs at Bay)

Ladybug Larva

Rose and I were planting peas last week when she suddenly stopped and said, “Mama look!” Beside her on a tulip sat three scary-looking bugs with spines on their backs. My first instinct was to squash immediately, but sometimes the scariest-looking bugs are garden heroes. So I resisted the urge, grabbed Good Bug, Bad Bug and […]

Garden Beginnings


After four years of renting (and being gone for 1-3 months each summer) I am garden obsessed this spring. While I’m waiting for the weather to make up it’s mind that spring is really here, I’ve been busy reading, planning and gathering supplies. Gardening books from the library–One Magic Square is my favorite so far!  […]

How (& Why) to Propagate Houseplants


If you’ve been impatiently waiting for the snow to leave and spring weather to stay so you can get outside and play in the dirt (like I have), propagating your houseplants is a great way to use the time. photo credit  Houseplants are amazing. As studies by NASA scientists confirmed, common houseplants make the air […]

The Three Purposes of Money


Sometimes when we focus on being thrifty, it’s easy to get so caught up on the nitty-gritty aspects of managing our homes that we lose sight of the purposes of money: provision, generosity, and enjoyment. At least it is for me. Stepping back and looking at the purposes of money helps me to put my job […]

Leaves, More Leaves, and a Microwave


There are few things quite as exciting as exploring the world with your children. But I have to admit I was a bit nervous about teaching my children science. It isn’t exactly my strongest subject and I don’t want my limitations to hinder them. When I told one of the dear older moms at church how […]