Our Simple Homeschool Days

Our fourth week of homeschool is underway. School days have fallen into a nice rhythm and I’ve been constantly reminded how blessed I am to get to stay home with my children and teach them. I’ve looked forward to homeschooling since I was a teenager roaming the halls of curriculum conferences and making mental lists of […]

Imagination: the Best Toy Ever

Parents spend hundreds of dollars on toys each year, but the simple fact remains, imagination is the best toy ever. (And it's totally free!)

“Mama! Today was one of the best days ever!” Will sang as he came running inside for dinner. What did we do that was so fun? Nothing. After a delightfully busy month, this week I cleared the schedule. I turned down wonderful sounding events so we could just stay home. Aside from our simple summer routine of […]

Growing Little Gardeners


“Why try to explain miracles to your kids,” asks Robert Brault, “when you can just have them plant a garden?” Planting tiny seeds, then waiting and watching as they sprout into fruitful plants, really is like watching many mini-miracles blossom. This is the main reason I love to garden with my children. Gardening makes us stand […]

How to Maintain [Some] Order in a Shared Kids’ Room

Boy building blocks

Like many of you, my children share a room. Sharing a room teaches valuable lessons about simplicity, getting along and life. However, trying to fit all the toys and clothes for multiple children in a small room and leave room for playing is a challenge. Rearranging the furniture for optimal floor space helps, but pursuing simplicity […]

21 Ways to Clear out the Brain Clutter

Clear out the brain clutter

We all know what a cluttered home looks like: stuff lies scattered about and we stumble over the piles of laundry and stub our toes on Duplos. I hate clutter. Brain clutter is like house clutter. Brain clutter dampens our focus and distracts us. Brain clutter is all the unfinished matters we need to attend to […]

Learning to Say “No”


Christmas is around the corner. The calendar and pocketbook are being tugged at from every corner. Cookie exchanges, Christmas performances, and holiday get-togethers vie for our time. It seems like every time I enter a store or turn on the computer, some new item that no one on my Christmas list needs, but would be […]

Simplify the Children’s Wardrobes


“He was clad rather shabbily (but, as it seemed, more owing to his mother’s carelessness than his father’s poverty) in… very wide and short trousers, shoes somewhat out at the toes, and a chip-hat, with the frizzles of his curly hair sticking through its crevices.” Many years later, Hawthorne’s description of “the little urchin” in […]

Top 10 Baby Toys

I spy mommy's phone

Tomorrow, my little princess turns three. Rosalind has been looking forward to June second for weeks. I can hardly believe it’s almost here: that for three years we’ve had her bubbling joy fill our home. And that in three short years I have answered 5,620,103 questions. At least. Watching your child open a gift and […]