Vintage Nurse Pattern

nurse cape

Dress-up clothes:  creative fun, instructive play and one of the most inexpensive “toys” out there. To make your own, gather old curtains, sheets, dresses, flannel blankets, etc from the attic, thrift store or garage sales. An old white sheet and scarlet curtain became Rosalind’s vintage Red Cross nurse outfit. Dress-up clothes are great for fledgling […]

Child’s Cape Pattern

Capes are so versatile: a nurse, princess or fairy can all share the same one. And they are ever so easy to make! This is the simple pattern I used to complete Rosalind’s nurse outfit. For cape: Cut out a rectangle that is 26 inches X the desired length. For band: Cut out a 16 […]

Vintage Nurse Cap

At one time caps were a mandatory part of a nurse’s outfit. No vintage nurse outfit is complete without one. This is the simple pattern I used for Rosalind’s Red Cross Nurse dress-up outfit. Nurse’s Cap: Measure your child’s head. For cap: using a large pot or bucket lid, trace and cut out an 8-10 […]