Buckwheat Pancake Recipe


Buckwheat is not a grain. It’s not even a grass. It’s a gluten-free fruit that is “high in digestive protein and contains all eight essential amino acids,” according to Making Babies. Buckwheat pancakes with real maple syrup and chopped pecans on top. Yumminess!  Thankfully, no one in our family has any food allergies (that I […]

10 Ways to Encourage Healthier Eating


A love for healthy whole foods is a great blessing we can give our children. But like so much in life, developing a love for good foods is  learned. I wrote this list with my munchkins in mind, but I have a confession to make. My children have actually helped me be a better eater. Their […]

Easy Homemade Chicken Broth


Chicken broth is one of those super foods that is high in nutrients, thrifty, and simple to make yourself. The problem is, especially if you’re using a whole chicken, you have to touch a raw chicken. There are two things I’m paranoid about. Raw chicken happens to be one of them. (Poison ivy is the […]

Happy “Helpers”: Bread Dough Edition


I’m sorry for my absence the last few days! Baby Meg has been cutting four molars and needing extra loving and we’ve been really busy!  There is nothing wrong entertaining the kids with a good movie when you’re busy, but this advice from The Well-Trained Mind has come to mind frequently: Before you turn on […]

Homemade Pumpkin Purée and Pumpkin Seeds


photo credit Though I gladly eat pumpkin all year round, I was excited to see fresh pumpkins in the store again. Not only are pumpkins loaded with nutrition, it’s so easy to make fresh pumpkin purée (and pumpkin seeds!) yourself. Plus, it’s a fun project for little ones to help with. We past our first […]

12 Healthy (and Frugal) Breakfast Alternatives to Cereal


Every year, over 2,500,000,000 boxes of cereal are sold! That’s enough cereal to build three great pyramids. Cereal manufacturers use an incredible 816,000,000 pounds of sugar yearly. (Source) Of course, there are many cereals that are not heavily laden with sugar (and food coloring) but most do not compete with a fresh homemade breakfast. Plus, […]

Why I Make Homemade Tortillas


One of Money Saving Mom’s most popular posts is titled “Why I Don’t Make My Homemade Tortillas.” Since she posted it almost two years ago (um, that’s like half a century in blogging-time, right?), I’ve thought about this article many times, because I make my own tortillas.  In her post, Crystal shares a compelling reason […]

Waste Not, Want Not


Waste comes in many forms, but today we’re going to talk about one kind of waste: food waste. According to a recent study, food waste has gone up by 50% since 1974. Thrifty-minded homemakers probably throw away much less than the national average, but still, waste is something that plagues most American households. Even if […]

Marketing 101: Walmart

Master the marketing

After studying Marketing 101, I realized that a simple stroll through Walmart could teach you just as much. Did you know that even the placement of diapers has been carefully planned and monitored? That’s right. A few years ago, it was observed that beer sold better if it was placed near diapers. Why? Imagine the scenario: […]

Three Simple Foods for Better Health

Garlic and onions

The benefits of eating traditional, healthy foods are overwhelming, but making the transition from our modern Western diet can be daunting. For some in America, ketchup serves as their daily vegetable. Others eat fairly healthily, but want to do even better. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed. Don’t try to change overnight. Take baby steps towards […]