Before I Was a Mom

Spring 2012

From the archives.  photo credit Before I was a mom, a clean home seemed reasonable. Before I was a mom, I thought there was only one right method for most mommy dilemmas. Before I was a mom, I didn’t realize that closing the bathroom door is a universal cue for children to need you. Before I […]

I Am a Sinner. I Am a Saint


(A post inspired by Lent and an empty Pinterest “about” box.)  Today marks the first day of Lent. Until a few years ago, I thought Lent was a Catholic excuse to eat more fish. What is Lent really? Lent is the period of forty days leading up to Easter, when many members of the Church […]

Love Seeks Not Her Own

Love birds

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner: red and pink hearts decorate the stores, roses are on sale and restaurants are booked. The History of Valentine’s Day Little is known about St. Valentine, whose “saint day” was transformed into the day of romantic love. There were several martyrs names Valentine in the early church. One […]

Eternal God. Mortal Man.


Happy New Year, dear friends! Our family is back home after a lovely Christmas holiday with a new-to-me working laptop in tow! Hurrah! [And many thanks to my generous brother!] Another year has ended. Can you believe it? Another chapter in the quick progression of time has closed. As I look back on 2011, God’s […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas dear readers! Wishing you and yours a worshipful, peaceful day! May Jesus, who came to redeem us from the deadness of our spiritual winter and bring us into His life, fill your day with His blessing! My laptop broke on Thursday so I’ll be taking a blogging break until it gets fixed. 

Christmas Expectations


Christmas is almost here and expectations run high. Presents under the tree, Christmas parties and treasured time with loved ones and friends fill the air with anticipation. But expectations don’t always get met: perhaps you couldn’t afford the gift you wanted for your child or long-anticipated plans were cancelled or you have to pull out […]

Christmas Wanderings


Christmas is almost here! Can you believe it? photo by Laura Shreck     Here are a few Christmasy posts I’ve enjoyed from around the web. Did Someone Say Advent? Such a great post from Amy at Finer Things if you are feeling like Christmas has just snuck up on you. “Regardless of me, in spite of me, […]

Learning to Say “No”


Christmas is around the corner. The calendar and pocketbook are being tugged at from every corner. Cookie exchanges, Christmas performances, and holiday get-togethers vie for our time. It seems like every time I enter a store or turn on the computer, some new item that no one on my Christmas list needs, but would be […]

Snowflake Christmas Countdown

Snowflake Advent Countdown

Advent began last Sunday. We were home sick and the day totally slipped by. It wasn’t until reading Nursery of the Nation’s post about making her own Advent Calendar that the thought even dawned on me. I had to jump on board. It’s too late to be a real advent calendar, so ours is simply […]

Plymouth Pilgrims: A Legacy of Gratitude

Plymouth Pilgrims

Of Plymouth Plantation, a Thanksgiving classic, is William Bradford’s firsthand account of the founding of the Plymouth colony. Reading through it, I kept waiting for the big fall feast. I expected chapter upon chapter to be devoted to the preparation and event. Instead, I read about dozens of thanks givings. The pilgrims made it safely […]