21 Ways to Clear out the Brain Clutter, Concluded

As women, our plates are often stacked high with half a million urgent tasks. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when we’re being pulled in a dozen different directions at the exact same time. Sometimes God orchestrates our schedules in such a way that it forces us to rely on Him for grace just to make […]

De-Clutter your Home, De-Clutter your Brain

I’m on a quest to de-clutter my brain! Technology-overload can clutter the brain. So can a cluttered home. A smoothly-running home creates the perfect atmosphere for an uncluttered brain. There’s something so peaceful about a well-ordered home. A home where everything has a place and is put in its place when not being used. This […]

Eliminate Technological Brain Clutter

I’m on a journey to eliminate brain clutter, as I shared yesterday. Brain clutter comes in many forms. One of the biggest challenges to a clear brain in the 21st century is technological “clutter.” Researches have raised concern that constant media input may shorten attention spans and may rewire the brain. Eliminating technological brain clutter is […]

21 Ways to Clear out the Brain Clutter

Clear out the brain clutter

We all know what a cluttered home looks like: stuff lies scattered about and we stumble over the piles of laundry and stub our toes on Duplos. I hate clutter. Brain clutter is like house clutter. Brain clutter dampens our focus and distracts us. Brain clutter is all the unfinished matters we need to attend to […]