Fall Reading Report

Fit to Burst: excellent encouragement for moms!

Committing to post what I’ve read has been an incredible motivator to practice what I preach and actually make more time for reading! Life has been too busy to get sucked into any novels (because I have the hardest time putting them down once started) but I’m hoping to cuddle up by the fire during this […]

How to Make Time for Reading

How to make time to read, even when you're a busy homemaker.

Does your stack of books to read keep growing, but you can’t seem to make any progress through them? That’s how I felt when I looked over my booklist at the beginning on the summer: I had only finished reading two books in the first six months of the year (unless children’s literature counts!) The list […]

How to Make Meals for Others (When the Thought is Totally Overwhelming)

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the thought of bringing a meal to a friend, here are a few simple strategies that helped me.

A few months ago, I stood in my kitchen feeling totally overwhelmed. I had offered to bring a meal to a friend, but couldn’t come up with a good dinner idea. All morning I’d stewed over what to make, and still hadn’t pinned down an idea. Something needed to change. That’s when I realized I […]

Why I Love Samaritan Ministries


With the Obamacare penalty-tax scheduled to go into effect and private insurance rate hikes, many are looking for an alternative: consider Samaritan Ministries. Thanks to the dedicated work of a handful of people and God’s goodness, health sharing ministries like Samaritan meet the requirements to avoid the penalty. That’s only one of many reasons why I’m […]

Keep To-Do Lists Short

Keep to do lists short

One of the first things Rose did after she could piece together words was write lists. She made her own morning to-do lists, evening to-do lists and all-the-fun-things-we’ll-do-tomorrow lists. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a list sort of gal too. Lists help me focus, keep important things from falling through the […]

CLEP Interview


 A college we didn’t go to (photo credit) As many of you know, Joshua and I both pursued our degrees non-traditionally, through testing and distance learning. My dear friend Jessica, who is pursuing her degree this way as well, did an interview of my experiences with taking CLEP exams. Jessica: Have you graduated from college? […]

Timeliness Update & December’s Challenge


November’s goal was simple: to get ready FIRST. What does that mean? It means getting church clothes laid out and the diaper bag packed Saturday night. It means collecting the stuff we need for our trip and making sure the kids have shoes on and have gone to the bathroom before I throw the dishes in the […]

Habit Updates and November’s Challenge


Want a peak into our home about thirty minutes before we need to get somewhere? 9:30 “Kids, we need to leave soon. Time to clean up the schoolroom,” I say, and then hurry through the house, making sure the floors are tidied and the laundry is put away. 9:40 After stepping on at least twenty […]

Resurrection: Art Missing from The National Gallery


While we were in London, Joshua and I visited The National Gallery to admire the artwork. It was simply amazing walking through and pausing in front of one masterpiece after another. After we made our way through several galleries though, I began to notice a missing theme: the resurrection. Much of the religious artwork was of […]

October’s Habit: Be on Time (and an Update)


Can it really be three months since I last posted a habit update? I knew that moving would take time, but I really didn’t think it would take this long to finally feel fully settled and back into the swing of things. Not that I have pictures on the walls yet, but I feel settled. […]