Fall Back Foods (& Link Up)


Back when I was expecting Meg, there were many days months when I didn’t feel like cooking. I had wiped out our freezer meals. Menu planning was fruitless. If I thought of a meal for more than a little while, by the time it was ready to eat I couldn’t stomach it. Unless we had […]

Why Not to Take Unisom at Midnight (and Thrifty Thursday)

Well, I am about three hours late getting the Thrifty Thursday link up. So sorry! I had a headache threatening all yesterday afternoon and evening, but didn’t make it to bed until nearly midnight. I was afraid that I might be too tired to fall asleep, so I decided to take half a Unisom (sleeping […]

A Move & Thrifty Thursday #23


Hello dear friends. The children and I made it up safely to Missouri on Monday after a crazy weekend filled with packing, good-byes and more packing. We sure are going to miss the South, and the many dear friends we have made there! Lord willing, we are closing on our new home tomorrow, and then […]

Thrifty Thursday #19


So, about 4:00 a.m. last night, I remembered I’m a blogger! Bloggers aren’t supposed to fall off the face of the earth for a week with no notice. I’m sorry! This past week has been one of the most adventurous, stretching weeks of my life. Saying “I drove 1283.7 miles by myself with three kids […]