Finishing Well

A baby’s first smile or the blush of the bride as she walks down the aisle and beholds the adoration of her groom are some of the sweetest scenes in life.

But another scene is even sweeter: an elderly lady pulling into the store parking lot and waiting as her husband, too feeble to drive, hobbles over to open up the door for her. They walk from their old car into the store hand in hand their faces aglow with love and contentment. Her smile wrinkles stand out prominently amidst the other creases in her face.

This scene is beautiful because it is a picture of finishing well. So many couples make vows in the ecstasy of love, only to break them a few years later.

But that elderly couple, despite all the hardships and the struggles and the poverty of many decades, is still walking side by side. Their relationship may not make it to the front pages of glamour magazines, but even in mundane tasks like grocery shopping, their love is shines on.

I’d take faithfulness like that over a hot and fleeting romance any day!

Which brings me back to the practical. In marriage, as in all areas of life, in order to finish well, I must be faithful in the little things today: faithful in loving and honoring my husband, faithful in making his meals and cleaning his clothes, faithful to pray for and support him, faithful in delighting in him and the daily adventure of life together.

photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert