Peppermint: Herbal Highlight

Not only does peppermint taste good, it's a powerful herb for easing stomach problems, calming the nerves, as an energizing pick-me-up, and much more.

Unlike bitter yarrow and spicy cayenne pepper, peppermint is an herb even children enjoy. Not only is peppermint delicious, it is also a powerful herb that has been loved and enjoyed for centuries. Although I tried my hardest to get myself to enjoy a cup of yarrow tea each afternoon (since yarrow is such an amazing tonic) but […]

How to Make ANY Recipe More Healthy

Want to make your favorite recipes more healthy, without compromising on taste? Here are four smart and simple strategies to healthify any recipe.

You don’t have to buy the latest health food cookbook to serve your family high-quality foods. Transforming your own favorite recipes to make them as nourishing as possible (without compromising on taste) is an adventurous kitchen challenge. Practically any recipe can be make more healthy just by reducing the sugar, using higher quality ingredients, adding hidden vegetables, […]

Keep Weevils at Bay (or Why I Put Dirt in My Cupboard)

Be proactive. Prevent a disgusting weevil infestation with diatomaceous earth... because weevils could be lurking in the bag of flour or box of cereal you just brought home!

It was a beautiful morning. I was crossing things off the to-do list with delightful speed. I pulled out the bucket of oatmeal to whip up a huge batch of homemade granola. As I set the lid down, I noticed a bug. It must have been sitting right on the rim of the bucket, I thought. […]

Pain Free: Works for Me

Pain Free

A few months ago my neck was so stiff I could scarcely move it. I tried not to wince when one of the kids gave me a hug. Holding baby Edmund hurt. Moving hurt, but so did laying down. I woke up in the night in pain and tossed and turned for ages trying to […]

Natural Ways to Combat Insomnia During Pregnancy

How to combat insomnia during pregnancy

Don’t you think it’s ironic that even when you’re utterly exhausted from pregnancy, sometimes pregnancy induces insomnia? This pregnancy I struggled falling asleep and woke regularly with nightmares and couldn’t go back to sleep for hours.  My midwife recommended Unisom (considered one of the safest drugs during pregnancy, plus it fights morning sickness!) and I used […]

How (& Why) to Propagate Houseplants


If you’ve been impatiently waiting for the snow to leave and spring weather to stay so you can get outside and play in the dirt (like I have), propagating your houseplants is a great way to use the time. photo credit  Houseplants are amazing. As studies by NASA scientists confirmed, common houseplants make the air […]

8 Ways to Deal with Morning Sickness


Does anyone else think that morning sickness is ill-named? I usually feel my best in the morning and get worse as the day wears on. Before I share things that have helped with my evening sickness, I want to be up front and say that mine ranges from mild to moderate. I have never been […]

Use the “Dirty Dozen” & “Clean Fifteen” to Eat Better and Save

Want to avoid pesticides while keeping your budget in check? Here's how to use the dirty dozen & clean fifteen lists to eat better and save money!

“Approximately 5.1 billion pounds of pesticides are used each year in the United States,” admit the folks who regulate pesticide use, the EPA. That’s a whole lot of pesticides! Many of the pesticides are removed from the time our food is harvested to the time it reaches our tables, but many fresh fruits and vegetables, […]

Onions for Bruises (& Tumbles!)


Today’s topic: another great use for onions (besides helping break up congestion. And flavoring food, of course!)  But first, a funny story: Last Wednesday dawned sunny and beautiful. The kids and I all got up earlier than we have of late. After a holiday on Monday and sick day on Tuesday, I determined that today WILL […]

Review: Lifefactory Water Bottle


I received a gift for Christmas that has become practically indispensable. I carry it with me around the house, have it by my bed at night, take it on errands, and bring it to church with me. It has quickly taken on my most-used-item status. It is my Lifefactory glass water bottle. Have you ever gone […]