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In God’s thrilling story, my life forms a minuscule roll in a minor subplot, yet He painstakingly crafts each twist. And cares about the progression. It blows my mind.
Joshua and me

My story began in the blustery Faroe Islands(nestled in the Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Scotland.) As a child I moved from Viking to Eskimo to Hillbilly land. Blissful memories of Greenlandic snow heaps and sweltering Missouri summers fill my childhood recollections.

Joshua, the charming knight I secretly adored for years, carried me off in 2006 to be his wife, just a few months before my baby sister was born!

We planned to finish our degrees and move to China to teach. Marriage soon brought a cuddly, crying, laughing daughter, Rose, to raise and nurture. Serious labor complications altered our plans.

Dreams of China were postponed.

Instead we moved south and Joshua buried himself in law books while I undertook the adventure of turning our tiny house into a home.

Before long, Will came to keep Rose company. Josh finished up law school and three days before taking the bar, Meg joined the family. (Note to self: new baby and ginormous test in same week are just a wee bit crazy!)Meet the kiddos!

Much to my relief, Joshua passed the bar and began clerking for a federal judge. We never realized how wonderful an 8 to 5 job routine was until then! Rose thanked God often that “Papa isn’t in school anymore.” I echo the prayer.

The clerkship ended and after four years away from “home” and family, Joshua found a job back in our hometown. The kids and I found the house. Our law-school home was a whopping 650 square feet (complete with a dryer on the back “porch”)  so the new home felt like a mansion, even though it’s less than 2000 square feet.

A year after settling in, baby Ned was born. His cheerful, contented personality gives us cause for gratitude daily.

Life with four little ones keeps me busy and happy. And laughing. (And, occasionally, pulling out my hair!)

When not homeschooling, dreaming about gardens, reading stories to the children, or snatching a bit of time with Josh, you’ll find me with my nose in a book, trying out a new recipe, or taking a nature walk. Or maybe, just maybe, blogging.

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