A Long Overdue Update

Whenever life gets busy, this poor blog is usually the first to suffer. For weeks now, this is a sample of what my daily to-do list looked like.

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By the time the kids were tucked in bed, essential real-life commitments met, and I was ready to write a post, all I really wanted to do was crawl into bed myself. My brain was far too gone to compose much of a coherent sentence, let alone a blog post.

Wanna guess why? 😉 

The mental and physical exhaustion is all for a good cause though, because this little boy is going to be a big brother SOON! Every morning (except on the rare days when I get up before him) he’ll crawl into our bed, put his hand on my tummy and ask, “Baby Ewwa come out now? She SO cute. I wove her.”

And I’m sure he is going to be an amazing big brother. He adores babies and “wittle kids.” All the kids are thrilled. They’ve been begging for another baby for at least a year and Rose was almost in tears when we told them. I’m so grateful for their joy and enthusiasm, especially since the first half of the pregnancy was the roughest of any of them. Or maybe it’s just that trying to homeschool and teach left me sicker and more exhausted than I remember being before. 🙂

In any case, their sweetness and willingness to help on the many occasions when all I felt like doing was laying on the couch and trying not to throw up made the long days pass much more quickly. Thankfully, the last few months have been so much better, though sleep still makes it to the top of the priority list all too often!


Decked out for the Early American party in adorable costumes their Nonnie made.

(Full disclosure: links to products in this post are my referral links.)  

This spring we studied early American history and celebrated with costumes, traditional food, and stories at their weekly academy. Though I am loving the classical approach and taking a three-year-loop through history (ancient/medieval & early modern/modern) it was about time our kids studied George Washington as much as they did Tutankhamen!

We’ll still keep doing a bit of homeschool through the summer, but the flurry of end-of-school projects and brainstorming for next year’s scheduling and booklists came to a happy end. The highschool literature and writing class I taught wrapped up with Lewis’ beautiful Perelandra and Wodehouse’s ridiculous Jeeves and Wooster stories. It was a delight to get to reread some of my favorite classics and discuss them with some pretty awesome young ladies, but we were all ready for summer break to arrive.


Will testing out a new sword & shield Josh made… but Ned’s got his stick. 😉 

Now that summer’s slower schedule kicked in, Rose has been flying through the books. Her current favorites include Strawberry Girl, Bound for Oregon, and Journey to America. Will cannot wait to be reading independently and is steadily plugging along in Phonics Pathways. (I LOVE this program!) In the past few weeks he’s started reading simple books aloud to me. There’s something so magical about getting to open the world of books to your child.

Meg is eager for her chance to start formal phonics this fall, but in the meantime she’s a magnet for all the two-to- four-years-olds in her life. She alternates being their queen, mother, teacher, or doctor and loves it as much as they do.


We could hardly have asked for a lovelier spring. In the middle of February we stopped by Lowe’s. Meg and I hung out in the seed aisle while the others shopped… and ended up with a huge handful of seed packets (we’d finally used up most of the ones I’d saved.)

It was so warm I just had to pop a few in the ground when we got home, but didn’t expect them to grow and totally neglected watering them. So when I went out to plant a month later, I was shocked to find we already had cute little seedlings thriving. They’re starting to give way to summer crops, but we’ve enjoyed fresh organic salads for almost two months now!  It’s lovely, though rare, when impetuous decisions pay off like that!

If you’ve read this far in my rambling post, thank you. I fully expected my pathetic posting habits to scare off all readers, so was humbled and honored to login to post and see that a steady stream of you keep coming back to check for updates anyway. Now that summer is here, I’m hoping to at least post a little more regularly… and hopefully will have baby pictures to share soon!!

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    You got a post done! I’m so proud of you! 😀 I haven’t been on here for a while because I figured you’d be too busy to post before that sweet baby came. Guess I was wrong! 🙂
    Great pictures!

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