Eppli Cakka Recipe

Eppli cakka, a simple Faroese dessert or breakfast!

One of my very favorite fall traditions is making applesauce with my mom and sisters… and now with my own kiddos. I love the tart sweet smell of apples baking and bowls of fresh sauce sprinkled with cinnamon.

But one of my very favorite uses for applesauce (homemade or not) is Eppli Cakka. It’s a simple Faroese dessert that’s healthy enough we sometimes eat it for breakfast. The original calls for a type of sweetened breadcrumbs that we haven’t found in the U.S., but granola makes a perfect substitute.

Eppli Cakka Recipe

Layers of granola and applesauce


Layer applesauce and granola. You can make it in a big serving dish, but I prefer serving it up individual bowls, since leftovers get soggy and I despise soggy food.

Eppli cakka with cream on top

Top with cream and garnish with chocolate shavings.

For variety, add peeled diced apples in between the applesauce and granola layers. So simple, but so yummy!

This simple Scandinavian dessert pairs applesauce and granola for a healthy treat!

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