Abstract Art Drawing for Kids

Sometimes I wish I was a more crafty mom. I wish I enjoyed making a ginormous mess while we created fun memories together. Truth of the matter is though, the simpler an art project is, the better. At this stage in motherhood, I don’t need help with extra messes. Messes multiply fast enough without my help
Practice patterns with this fun and simple abstract art project! This simple abstract art drawing has entertained Rose and Will for hours since their Nonnie taught them how to do it last fall. (Thanks Nonnie!) They have made it over and over again using varying colors and shapes.

The best part? All you need is paper, something to trace, and three crayons.

Abstract Art Drawing for Kids

Abstract Art First trace three vertical and two horizontal lines, using a ruler or book.
Circles on abstract art Then, using a cup or other round object, trace circles onto the page.

Coloring abstract art patternsPick three colors to use for the drawing. Starting in a corner, color in the first section. Color the next section a different color. Continue filling in the sections, alternating colors so that two touching sections aren’t the same color.

Abstract-Art-kidsOnce you’ve followed the basic pattern a few times, branch out. Make extra lines, trace squares or triangles instead of circles, or try adding a color.

Entertain your child for hours with this fun and simple abstract art project.

Because there are so many options for colors and patterns, Rose and Will regularly pull out paper and crayons to make more abstract art drawings. It is simple enough that with just a bit of help tracing, they can finish independently… though it’s a fun project to do together. So pull out some paper and crayons and have fun making this simple abstract art drawings with your kids!

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