Eh, It’s Good Enough!

“What makes food ‘gourmet?’ ” Sparked by a lovely (gourmet) dinner party hosted by a culinary artist at church, this question ran through my mind all last week.

Like a sensible modern, I turned to the internet to satisfy my curiosity. Judging from the forums, there’s quite a debate raging over the answer. Humorous answers included, “Any food that costs a king’s ransom and leaves you still starving,” and “Gourmet is like the Emperor’s new clothes of food.”Don't settle for an "Eh! It's good enough!" attitude about the things that are really important.

Now that the term “gourmet” has become so widespread that we have gourmet boxed mac & cheese and gourmet frozen pizza, it has lost a lot of its meaning. Despite the overuse of the word, I wanted to find a definition that was more than fancy ingredients and titles.

Eh! It’s good enough

Then I read a definition that I thought beautifully and brilliantly encompassed its meaning, “Gourmet means that at no point, from farm to table, does the cook say, ‘Eh! That’s good enough.'”

And now I can’t shake this definition from my mind. Life with four little ones and homeschooling and homemaking and blogging is busy. And everybody wants food three times a day. (Actually, more like ten times a day!) Honestly, I find myself thinking “Eh! That’s good enough!” all the time about food and cleaning and writing and even relationships. Not necessarily in those words, but definitely with that spirit.

Some of that is just part of good time management. There’s simply not time to pursue perfection in every single thing. If I even attempted to make every meal Pinterest-perfect, I can almost guarantee you that the kids wouldn’t have clean underwear or I would skimp on homeschool or the bathrooms would get scary really fast.

"Eh, it's good enough!" might work for some things, but it's  a dangerous attitude to pursue life with.

Still, I don’t want to approach life with a shrug and “Eh! That’s good enough!” mentality. I want to pursue excellence as a wife, mother, homemaker, and blogger.

Sometimes that excellence might mean cuddling on the couch and ignoring the mountain of laundry. Sometimes it might mean putting in extra effort to make a meal beautiful. Sometimes it might simply mean trying to improve on the things I do regularly, like braiding my girls hair, and doing a bit better each time.

Whatever my day holds, I want to live life in light of the command “whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do all to the glory of God” and “do your work heartily, as to the Lord” … even when called to days of mundane faithfulness.

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