“Mary Treasured These Things”

Mary “treasured these things in her heart”. Twice in Luke, he writes these words (2:19 & 50.) They have played through my mind multiple times and challenged me to take stock of myself. What things do I treasure in my heart?

Am I harboring envy or anger or selfishness? Am I making idols of the good things that God has blessed me with?

“The heart is an idol factory,” wrote John Calvin centuries ago. It’s still just as true today. We might smirk at the ancients for falling down before golden images, while in the middle of worshipping our own shiny idols of money, or power, or fame, or sex.

It's SO easy to let the bustle of the day distract us. Mary gives us a beautiful example of what to treasure and focus on.

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Mary treasured these things

Treasure the life of Jesus

These simple words about Mary gently show us what to do. “Mary treasured these things.” She treasured and pondered the birth and words of Jesus. Luke doesn’t explicitly say so, but I’m confident Mary also treasured and pondered His death and resurrection.

Like Mary, the life, death, and resurrection should be what we treasure and ponder.

Treasure Jesus’ working in our own life

But the verses seems to imply more than just treasuring the life of Jesus as Savior of all the world. They seem so incredibly, beautifully personal. Mary treasured and pondered Jesus’ interactions with her own life.

We humans are so incredibly good at forgetting God. Every time I read about the Israelites wandering in the wilderness, I’m amazed at just how forgetful they are. Until I think what a terribly accurate mirror of my own soul they are.

I get busy with my day and fret and forget. But Mary is a beautiful example to me, encouraging me to treasure, ponder, and stand amazed at what the Lord of the universe has done for my soul. Of how He has answered the whispered desires of my heartcared for us on crazy adventures, and turned a dreaded “No!” into a blessing.

Learning from Mary

Mary wasn’t perfect. She was a sinner, in need of the grace of her Son Jesus, just like you and me. But her life is a beautiful witness to us of what we should treasure: the redeeming life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and His working in our own lives.

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  1. Brooke says

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder to “treasure” our relationship with our Lord! Gratefulness is a product that pours out of my heart as I see myself in light of my Saviour!

  2. Debbie says

    I, too, have considered what Mary pondered . . . and how our own thoughts are influenced when we consider God’s incredible Love for us.

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