February at Our Home

February flew by in a frozen hurry.

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Highlights from February

The beginning of the month was unusually warm, and we biked/walked to the park, took a delightful family trip to a local cave (which I forgot to photograph) and spent hours just enjoying the beautiful weather.

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Then it snowed and snowed and snowed. It was Ned’s first good snow since he was an infant and he loved it… until the snow seeped into his gloves.

The highlight of the snow for me was getting to sled down my parents’ awesome hill. Even Meg loved flying down the hill by herself. She flopped down on the sled and hollered, “Watch out! Meg’s coming!” (The other day she told me she is so tired of being 3 1/2 and cannot wait to be four. Kids just grow up way too fast!)

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If he can’t be outside, Ned’s next favorite place is on the kitchen counter “helping” me. At first I was nervous about having a wiggly 18-month-old perched on the counter, but he loves it so much that he will sit angelically still for half-an-hour if I just let him sit, watch, and participate.

Joshua’s work has been insanely crazy lately, and I’ve really struggled being cheerful with the long hours. Despite the intense schedule, we had a lovely at home date night Valentine’s Eve. We put the kids to bed early and Joshua made the most delicious dinner for me with perfect steak and succulent baby potatoes and brussel sprouts. The weekends when Josh doesn’t have to work are so lovely that I finally understand what it means to “live for the weekend.” I want to embrace each day, but so love having my wonderful husband home!

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Sparklers in the snow to celebrate Chinese New Year

Another highlight of the month was celebrating Chinese New Year. My brother and sis-in-law hosted Chinese friends for a few weeks and invited us to join them for a celebration. Getting to spend time with these wonderful new friends, listen to them speak their beautiful language, and hear their amazing story reawakened my dreams of learning Chinese and hopefully visiting China someday.

The kids are learning Latin at their weekly academy, but it’s not like you can’t learn two languages in grade school! (Children in the Faroe Islands, where my dad is from, learn Danish and English in grade school–in addition to native Faroese.)

What I read in February

The Best Yes!

I picked up The Best Yes! thinking I would skim through it and get the highlights, but from the first chapter I was hooked. It was SO good! If you struggle with feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do, I think you’ll love this book too. It’s full of hilarious stories, personal tidbits, and Biblical wisdom.

In My Father’s House

When your Omma, Mom-in-law, and one of your best friends all recommend a book, you know you’re in for a treat! In My Father’s House is Corrie ten Boom’s personal accounts of her life before The Hiding Place… and it was a treat. Although I didn’t like it as much as The Hiding Place (which is in my top five favorites of all time) it was an inspiring and beautiful challenge to live life for Jesus.

Little Women

I didn’t really read this one, but I did listen to it. Librivox has an amazing dramatized version {for free!} and it kept me company through many hours of cleaning this month. I’d never read Little Women before and loved it so much more than the movie (which was lovely!) The characters and story are so beautiful.

… and a few favorite posts

Are You Lonely, Mama? — Joshua’s been working lots of long hours and this post really resonated with me. Judging from how many times it’s been shared on Facebook, I’d say I’m not alone.

My Plan for Adrenal Fatigue Recovery — I don’t think I have adrenal fatigue (at least I hope not!) but after really struggling with fatigue the past few weeks, Erin’s ideas were really helpful. Although I’m still not as energetic as I would like, avoiding screen time at night, being faithful with my supplements, and drinking bitter yarrow tea have all helped me feel better.

That’s February at our home in a nutshell. What was February like for you? 

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    • anna says

      I’d love to start celebrating Chinese New Year regularly! Food, fellowship, and fireworks — what’s not to love? 🙂

      I agree– we all have to make the sacrifices that are best for our families, and the Mommy Wars really don’t help encourage at all! I just read your post on the Myth of the Work Life Balance— my hat goes off to you! After teaching just two days a week last year with four small children, I felt so totally wiped out much of the time. Hoping you have a very lovely maternity break.

  1. says

    What? You’d never read “Little Women”? Anna! :0 Does that mean you’ve never read “Little Men” or “Jo’s Boys” or “Eight Cousins,” “Jack and Jill,” “An Old Fashioned Girl” or any of her other books? We grew up listening to my mom read them and they are such delightful books.

    • anna says

      Rose and I are listening to Eight Cousins, but NO, I’ve never read any of her books. Crazy, huh? It’s kind of fun having a whole list of them to explore now though. 🙂

  2. says

    This is a good post that is important for young girls to read. My oledst daughter helped me through the years when her younger siblings were in those middle years. Now, she is away four days a week helping other mothers needing a hand.

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