January at our Home

We began January celebrating the last few days of Christmas (because we’re some of those crazy people who celebrate for 12 days!) and ended with a small, very last-minute “Around the World in Food” Epiphany party. We had tastes of Mozambique, India, Egypt, and Nepal to celebrate the good news of Jesus spreading to us Gentiles.

The party came to an abrupt end when Will threw up. Immediately, I went into fight-stomach-bug mode. Thankfully, his bout was short lived and no one else succumbed. (Maybe Will’s tummy just didn’t like the spices?)


Many thanks to Josh’s awesome sis Crystal for our family pictures!

In school, we’ve moved from studying ancient Egypt to beginning our study of ancient Greece and Rome. But Egypt has still captivated Rose. After reading this book, which ended with a small glimmer of hope that King Tut’s father might still be lying hidden in desert sands, Rose decided to move to Egypt when she grows up to be a homeschool mom, author, math tutor and archaeologist. She has even managed to convince her siblings and a few friends to join her. (For my sake as future Grandma, I hope the plans change.)

The rest of school has been delightful (most of the time!) Rose has spent hours cuddled up in her play house writing stories. Will is sounding out four-letter words (I love his phonics book!) Meg adores her little class at our one-day classical program and has just started coloring between the lines, or at least trying too.

Normally I hold Ned during our morning memory hour, but this month he decided he wants to be a big kid too. When they line up to recite the Creed, he stands in front of them and carefully wiggles his way backward until he is standing in a line with them. It’s adorably distracting.

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Enjoying an icy adventure with my mom and sisters

The weather has bounced from well-below-freezing to perfect t-shirt weather. At the beginning of the month, the creek at my parents’ house iced over and we spent hours romping, sliding, exploring, and admiring the intricate patterns the water made as it froze mid-flow. The beauty of creation just sings God’s glory!

Within a few days of our frozen adventure, the ice had melted and we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day with t-shirts on. (Don’t you just love it when national holidays and absolutely gorgeous days collide?!)

When not doing school or playing outside, we’ve enjoyed many fun family games. A long anticipated point in my motherhood journey arrived this month when Rose learned how to play Settlers of Catan (and thoroughly stomped Joshua and me her first game!) She and Will have also become ardent Rumikub fans and Meg asks daily if we’ll play her new favorite game, Hiss, with her. Yep, this game-loving Mama has three sweet budding game players and it’s made me very happy.

I’ve also let myself indulge in a bit of binge-reading. Novels are a huge weakness for me. Once I get into a story, putting it down takes every ounce of self-control I possess. Not thinking about it is next to impossible. Because I don’t want to be a distracted mom all the time, I try to avoid full-length novels, except as a special treat at Christmas. The problem is this year I started a five-book series, The Zion Chronicles. The chronicles were engaging, sappy, and set in post-WWII Israel. Like a good homeschooler, I’ve read tons of pre-WWII history, but am horrid at modern history. This series was such an eye-opener for me. I loved it! (And am relieved to be finished, lol!)

Despite the fact that work has been crazy for Joshua lately, we’ve enjoyed several fun date nights…. and the kids have enjoyed several fun evenings with their grandparents, aunts and uncles. We are so totally spoiled to have two sets of grandparents who not only live in the area, but love having our kids over and always encourage the things we teach them at home.

The month ended with the arrival of our darling nephew Silas. Two years ago I was worried that poor Will would end up the only boy in a family full of sisters, young aunts, and girl cousins. Now he has a little brother and three boy cousins to balance out the princesses and tea parties. (Oh the needless things I worry about!)

That’s our month at a glance. What has your month been like? 

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