Cuban Bread Recipe

Whip up this delicious no-knead Cuban bread and have it on the table in just over an hour!

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Back when I was tutoring a Western Civilization class, I came across this random tidbit that about made my head spin. Especially with the whole gluten-free diets that have swept the country.

The daily ration for monks in Carolingian society was 3.7 pounds of bread! (from Spielvogel’s Western Civilization)

3.7 pounds. Can you imagine? That’s like several loaves of whole wheat bread every single day! 

When my friend Candace introduced me to this Cuban bread recipe I thought, hmmmmm, I probably couldn’t eat 3.7 pounds of this bread, but I probably could polish off a whole loaf on my own. 

Don’t worry, I didn’t. But it is awfully tasty. It doesn’t need to be kneaded and it only takes about an hour from start to finish, including baking time! Talk about easy!

Cuban Bread Recipe

Modified from the Tightwad Gazette (I almost always modify any new recipe using these simple strategies to make it healthier.)


Quick and delicious, this {almost} whole-wheat cuban bread is a must-try recipe!


Grease a cookie sheet.

Combine the first five ingredients. Add enough white flour to make a soft dough. Let the dough rise for 15 minutes. Divide and shape it into two round loaves, brush with water, and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Place a pan of hot water on the lowest rack of a cold oven.

Place the loaves on the middle rack and then turn the oven on to 375. Bake for 30-45 minutes or until a light golden brown. Once it’s done, lightly spray with cold water for a nice soft crust. Serve warm with butter.

See, isn’t that easy?!

Easy and delicious, this Cuban bread recipe only takes about an hour from start to finish!

Make some Cuban Bread

As you can see, this is one of the easiest bread recipes ever, and it’s ever so moist and delicious. Whip up a batch and have it on the table in just over an hour!

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  1. says

    This recipe looks very similar to a recipe that I make except that I have to let it sit covered for at least eight hours, but it doesn’t require any kneading. We really enjoy it. I would love to try your recipe too!

  2. Vanessa says

    This bread is amazing! A couple of questions as I’m thinking of making this (many loaves) for a party I am hosting, have you ever doubled the recipe/size of the loaves and did that turn out well? Have you started from a warm oven with good results? And have you tried this with gluten free flour? I will probably try making one batch gf as several of my friends need that. Thanks for the amazing recipe!!!

    • anna says

      Yay! So glad you like it. 🙂

      My brain is a bit foggy at the moment, but I do think I’ve doubled the recipe, though not the loaf size without a problem. Unfortunately I haven’t tried starting with a warm oven or using gf flour. My guess is it would work, but I’m not sure. Sorry I can’t be a help. (And please let me know how it turns out!)

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