You Can Reach Any Goal

“You can reach any goal if you’re willing to work on it every day and not give up.” So said a college football commercial. We would all be in a heap of trouble if we believed every commercial, but these words were so encouraging to me as I struggled with complete lack of motivation.

Despite trying to say “no” more, we’ve been on the go a lot this season. In the past three and a half weeks, we’ve had exactly one day at home without anything going on. Way too many late nights and too many holiday treats definitely took their toll on me.

I hardly opened my laptop all Christmas break, and when I did, a blank screen with a blinking cursor kept staring me in the face. My words got all jumbled up in my mind. I felt physically exhausted and emotionally and spiritually drained.

The bad news is that actually reaching our goals doesn't happen without lots of hard work and a bit of stubbornness. The good news is that you can reach almost any goal if you work at it faithfully each day and refuse to give up.

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Despite a complete lack of motivation lately, I love blogging. One of my major goals for this year is to grow this little blog. I have some big dreams, and honestly, I’m more than a little scared. I’m afraid of offending someone, or loosing motivation, or getting writer’s block. I’m afraid because I know how inconsistent I can be when it comes to blogging. In short, I’m afraid of failing.

But sometimes God gives us just the encouragement we need in the craziest places, like in a football commercial.

I want to grow this blog. I’ve wanted to for a long time. But it’s not going to happen if I’m paralyzed by fear of failure. It’s not going to happen if I neglect writing day after day. It’s not going to happen unless I work on this little blog faithfully and don’t give up.

Whatever your New Year’s goals are, remember that if you work on them faithfully and refuse to give up, you can reach them.

P.S. Looking for a fun way to stay motivated? Check out this simple trick to stick with your goals from Money Saving Mom.

Do you have any big, scary goals for this year?

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    You work on growing your blog, and I’ll work on learning to market my books as well as write more. 🙂

    By the way, expect an e-mail from me really soon about an idea. 🙂

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