Fun and Educational Gifts for Kids

A good education isn’t all fun and games. But I want learning to be as fun as possible for my kids. One simple way to make learning fun is by incorporating educational games into our schooldays.

Who wouldn’t want to practice their spelling while playing games with Mommy?

If you’re looking for fun and educational gifts for elementary-aged kids, here are some of our top picks. All of the gifts cost less than $40. Most of them are under $20.

Looking for fun gifts for your kids that are also educational? Here's a handy guide.

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Fun and Educational Gifts for Kids

Critical Thinking and Puzzle-Solving Gifts


Practice critical mathematical thinking while trying to figure out your opponents pattern. (2 players) Purchase for under $10


A fun family game of balance and strategy. Add your magnetic piece without toppling it all. (1-4 players) Purchase for under $10


My kids beg to play chess. It makes them feel so grown-up. It’s a fun game for almost any age that forces you to think critically and strategically. (2 players)  Purchase a beautiful board for under $25 (Here’s another gorgeous option

Bedtime Math

Don’t let the name scare you! This is a fun collection of bedtime math puzzles to help children (and parents, ahem!) learn to think more mathematically. (Fun for the whole family!) Purchase for under $10

Riddle Collection

I struggle with thinking outside-the-box. Riddles help overcome that by training your brain to think creatively.(Fun for the whole family!) Get a free ebook or purchase a paperback for under $10


Puzzles count as an educational gift, right? (Or is that stretching it too far?) Either way, some puzzles are just an exercise in frustration, but these heavy-duty puzzles with captivating pictures are fun —and surprisingly difficult— to solve. (Fun for the whole family!) Purchase for less than $20.

Memory – Boosting Gifts

I Never Forget a Face

Like classical memory, but with a fun twist. If you struggle to remember faces, this game is for you! It has 24 pairs of beautiful faces from around the world. (2-4 players) Purchase for under $10.

History-Themed Memory

If you’re following a classical timeline in school, these historical sets help add fun visuals to the history! Purchase ancient, medieval, or American history sets for under $15.

Artistic Gifts

Draw in 3-D

love Mark Kistler’s You Can Draw in 30 Days for adults. Here’s his fun guide for kids. (Fun for the whole family!) Purchase for under $15

Craft Set

There is an almost endless variety to choose from. Especially if you do the craft with your child, it’s sure to be loved!

Language-Development Gifts

Fairy-Tale Mix-Up

Learn how to tell a good story with this funny set of mixed up fairy-tales. This is perfect practice for learning to write stories. (Fun for the whole family!)  Purchase for under $10.


An ever-changing game of mixed up words. (2+ players.) Purchase the classic game for under $10 (or the fancy version for under $20).

Scrabble Jr.

Another game of scrambled words. (2-4 players.) Purchase the original game or Scrabble Jr. for under $15

Books (of course!)

What better way to develop a child’s language skills than with awesome stories? Here’s a growing list of our favorite picture storybooks for younger kids. This children’s literature Pinterest board has some of our favorite longer stories.

Science- Themed Gifts

Nature Field Guides

A few years ago we bought the kids simple field guides. I can’t count the number of nature walks those guides have spurred! Pair with a magnifying glass, and you’ve got a great gift for the budding scientist. Purchase these kid-friendly guides for less than $10 each. 


Learn about the incredible world of herbs with this fun, cooperative game.  Purchase here for under $40 here.

Looking for fun, educational & frugal gifts for your child? Here's a guide for elementary kids.

Fun, educational gifts for elementary-aged kids

These frugal gifts are not only fun, they’re great educational games and books to help spark your child’s imagination.

What are your favorite educational gifts for kids? 

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