Use Responsive Sayings to Enhance Your Homeschool

Children have incredible memories. They soak up new information like fresh sponges. As a homeschool mom, one of my goals is to channel that valuable ability toward the true, the good, and the beautiful.

One very simple way to do this is to use responsive sayings to easily learn Proverbs, short Scripture verses, helpful life lessons, and beautiful similes.

Tap into your children's incredible memory by using responsive sayings to easily learn Proverbs, helpful sayings, and good manners.

What are responsive sayings? They’re sayings where the parent (or teacher) says the first part, and the children answer back with the second part. For example,

Parent/teacher: Encourage one another,
Students: and build each other up!

We were first introduced to the idea of using responsive sayings from our friends who started the weekly academy the children attend.

Although responsive sayings are even more fun in a group [any local friends looking for a wonderful weekly academy, let me know!], my kids love them so much that they’ve begged me to start using them at home too.

If you’re looking for a simple way to incorporate more memory into your school day, try using responsive sayings. Here are a few to get you started.

(The teacher/parent part is in bold.)

Responsive Sayings for Homeschool: Proverbs

“Be not wise
in thine own eyes:
fear the Lord
and depart from evil.”

“He that hath no rule over his own spirit…
is like a city that is broken down and without walls.”

Go to the ant, thou sluggard…
consider her ways, and be wise.”

Responsive Sayings for Homeschool: other Scriptures

is better than sacrifice!

Encourage one another
and build each other up!

“His candle shineth on my head...
and by his light I go through darkness.”

Love… God!
Love… your neighbor!
Who is your neighbor?… all other people!

Our help is in the name of Yahweh
who made heaven and earth!

Responsive Sayings for Homeschool: Life Lessons

Leave it
better than you found it.

Loose lips
sink ships.

ladies first!
don’t keep the gentlemen waiting!

Listen first…
Then answer.

Looking for a fun & simple way to teach your children Proverbs, short Scriptures, and helpful life lessons? Try these responsive sayings for homeschool:

Use Responsive Sayings to Enhance YOUR Homeschool

Not only do little children love belting out their answers, responsive sayings take advantage of your children’s ability to memorize quickly and help fill their minds with good things.

The sayings above are just a small sampling. Start with one or two at a time and keep adding. The children learn them so quickly you’ll have to dig up more of your own soon!

Do you use responsive sayings with your children? What are some other good ones? 

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