DIY Solar-Infused Herbal Oil

Once you have selected your herbs, making an herbal oil is simple. Herbal oils extract the power of herbs into an easily-absorbed and potent source and are the first step in making salves and ointments.

There are several methods for infusing an oil: double-broiler, crockpot, and solar. Solar-infused is the simplest (and most ancient).

DIY Solar-infused herbal oil

Yarrow, lavendercalendula with fresh-wilted rosemary, plantain, & clover infusing in olive oil. 

How to Make a Solar-Infused Herbal Oil

You will need:


  1. Select your herbs.
  2. If you pick fresh herbs, fresh-wilt them first by letting them sit in a warm place (out of direct sunlight) for a few hours until they have lost most of their water content. Too much moisture can ruin the oil.
  3. Fill a clean mason jar 1/3 to 1/2 full of herbs.
  4. Cover with oil, leaving about two inches of head space.
  5. Screw lid on tightly and let sit in a sunny windowsill for about two weeks.
  6. Strain out herbs with a cheesecloth.
  7. (Optional) If you want an extra potent herbal oil, repeat steps 1-6 using the herbal oil you just strained.
  8. Store your herbal oil, tightly covered, in a cool dark place or use it to make an herbal salve.

Properly prepared herbal oils made with olive oil should last for several months to a year in a cool dark place. If it starts to smell off, discard and make a new batch!

*Anti-bacterial in the sense that the herbal properties fight bad bacteria, but hopefully don’t contribute to the rise of super bugs like improperly used anti-bacterial soaps might.

I am not a doctor or a nurse. The only hospital I have ever worked at is a doll hospital. There, a band-aid (or plantain!) can cure a heart attack. Please use discretion and seek medical assistance for serious injuries! 

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