Playing Farmer

One morning a week, usually on Friday, I pretend to be a country girl.

After finishing our morning routine, the kids and I head outside to tackle “the chores”. With the rainy summer we’ve had, the grass and weeds grow quicker than I can conquer them, but it’s time to attempt it. The fresh earthy smell of cut clover fills the air as I carefully weed-eat, dodging the straggling strawberry vines or swift-spreading lavender in our seven small garden beds.


The ascending sun beats down, so I don my straw hat to shade the sun and keep working. Once the yard is finished (or my battery runs out) it’s time to tend the garden: pulling a few weeds in one bed, staking tomatoes or asparagus in another, and wondering what on earth to do with the sage bush that threatens to take over another.

At this stage in gardening and motherhood, at least fifty percent of the planting happens after dark or at the beginning of a rain shower, but every once in a while I find time to actually dig in the dirt on a sunny Friday morning and plop a few seeds into the earth.

Hour for hour and dollar for dollar, I’m not sure the gardens are exactly worth the effort in the strict financial sense, but few things bring as much joy as watching our little garden plots bloom and bear fruit.

With dirty hands and dirt-streaked clothes, I turn to the chicken coop. Rose feeds the chickens, but refilling their five gallon pail with fresh water weekly is my job. So is cleaning out their coop. I try to think of the beautiful pile of sweet-smelling compost our garden will get next year as I scrape the chicken poop out of the pen.

Any allusions of a sparkling clean chicken coop I held when we first brought home baby chicks have met their just end. Once the coop is clean enough and our girls have fresh water and straw, I tidy up the tools.

Then I head inside for a shower, grateful to be a city girl again. Until next week.

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