Summer Happenings

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It’s hard to believe a whole month has slipped by since I last posted. It’s been a busy, full month.


We began May with a medieval party at school. The kids dressed up as princes and princesses, knights and fair ladies. After eating food made from authentic Medieval recipes (with common ingredients like “raysyns” and “creeme”) they held a mock-tournament.

2014-05-09 10.05.03

Then we took our first family trip to Alabama since moving away almost two years ago. Despite the lapse of time, the children has so many wonderful memories of our four years there and were able to make more: riding on their favorite horse Sweet Boy…
2014-05-09 15.00.07

…running through the fountain park in the rain….

2014-05-10 09.59.08

…making peppermint ice cream with Judge, eating more ice cream with friends at Chick-fil-A, catching toads in the dark, stuffing ourselves with bbq, and catching up with dear friends.

2014-05-17 17.16.39

Upon our arrival home again, we made the embarrassing mistake of showing up at a wedding three hours early (and right as they were getting photos taken.) I’d put the time into the calendar and was about ready to cry, but Joshua turned it into an awesome afternoon.

2014-05-17 17.12.59

He made a Dollar General run, stocked up on cheap outdoor toys, found a quaint park, and spent the afternoon making giggles with our kiddos.

The next week we had a lovely visit from friends from Florida.

2014-05-21 10.43.42

We walked to the park where adorable goslings and ducklings gobbled up our huge bag of bread, had a psalm-singing night, explored a local cave, and spent hours in happy fellowship despite our doctrinal differences.

After school wrapped up for the summer, I spent a whole week at home with the kids “doing nothing”. I had grand illusions of being bored for at least an hour, but despite never realizing that goal, had a lovely week catching up on projects and sleep.

Then we celebrated our first birthday of the summer: Rose’s seventh birthday. Usually birthdays are a pretty low-key affair at our home, but we decided to follow in my grandma’s tradition of having a big seventh birthday party. Aunt Hannah made a lovely princess cake…

Grandma, Nonni, Aunt Heidi and Bekka helped decorate, get games set up and serve the tea party, but the highlight of the day was getting to pelt Uncle Mac and Daniel with water balloons.

(Those of you who host birthday parties each year have my total admiration—I’m quite glad to have two more years before Will’s seventh birthday!)

2014-06-06 16.31.02

Then we got to make a last minute trek with my sisters to a local theme park. It was pouring down rain when we arrived and the people pouring out of the park laughed as we made our way in. But the rain cleared and the lines were practically non-existent. Even Meg (almost 3) was tall enough to ride the rides and was braver than all the rest.

Have you had a busy start of summer? 

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  1. Erik Hansen says

    I love your new theme! Makes it much easier to read on mobile. It was fun to see all the pictures of your family 🙂

  2. says

    Hi Anna! What a nice design! And I love all the photos! What’s a blog for if not for sharing them? The children are growing up so quickly! You look lovely! Wow! The cake is awesome! Glad ya’ll got to visit in Alabama again! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

    • anna says

      Thanks! We sure miss Alabama–it’s hard when you feel like “home” is more than one place!

      (Yes–the cake was amazing–I’m so glad she didn’t get the cake I was going to make, lol!)

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