Kitchen Counter Challenge

Ending the day with clean counters is a little like going to bed with a clear conscience. Clean counters certainly pale in comparison, but they make the day feel finished and walking into the kitchen in the morning a treat.

The problem is, at least in my house, that the kitchen counters are the perfect place for papers to pile up, Lego creations to accumulate, and half-finished projects to gather dust.

Homes are to be lived in. Love, not cleanliness, is next to Godliness. That said, when I walk into a tidy kitchen in the morning it jumpstarts the day, makes breakfast more enjoyable, and helps even an exhausted Mama be much more happy to be around.

Clearing the counter’s accumulated mess usually only takes a few minutes. Even though I know it will be worth it in the morning, I often don’t get around to it after I wash the dinner dishes.

So after a very long break from focusing on developing new habits, in the month of April my challenge is to have the kitchen counters completely cleared each night before I go to bed.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be thanking myself every morning.

Anyone else want to join me? (With this challenge or your own!)

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  1. says

    Anna I love this post! It really does make SUCH a difference. When I don’t have clear counters/dishes done I wake up with this heavy weight! haha, that sounds a bit overdramatic but its true! Thanks for the encouragement for this month! 🙂

    • anna says

      Me too! It is dramatic, but true, lol! It was lovely waking up this morning to clear counters. Thanks for joining me!

  2. says

    I have been working on this recently, and found that when I put away the dish rack/drainer (which used to sit on the counter) and tried to dry the dishes after I do them (I let them drain in the dishwasher as I wash them all, because our dishwasher is broken right now) it was much easier to keep the counters clean.

    But I will have to say, the hardest part is that once I have a clean counter, the boys think it is now open as a runway or racetrack for their cars! 🙂

    • anna says

      Haha! I know the feeling. Clean space obviously means more play space, right?

      I will probably clean it off after the kiddos go to bed, so hopefully it should stay tidy for at least a few hours. 🙂

  3. says

    Well, I don’t have to worry about clean kitchen counters, but I could and should start working on a clean desk. 😛 I’m always thinking, “I’ll take care of things in the mornings.” Problem is, I never seem to get around to it. (And I know that now it will take more than 5 minutes to clean off. 😛 )

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