A Peek at Our Winter (Family Update)

After the coldest winter I remember since moving from Greenland at the age of six, the buds are swelling on the trees and the birds are singing a noisy welcome to spring. Before waving a happy farewell to winter myself, I thought I’d highlight a few memories because I forget so easily and have had requests for baby pictures.

1-2-3 Go! Cheesy faces everyone! 

We welcomed in the new year with debilitating fevers, lingering coughs, and a stomach flu. When I wasn’t sick in bed or snowed in, I spent most of my spare hours in January painting, scrubbing, and fixing up the home we bought when we where first married [and rented out to family when we moved for law school].

I naively thought that we could knock out the house in a day or two. For most of January we spent our Saturdays and free evenings over at the house as a family.

During the week, I went with the kids. I’m not sure why, but the kiddos thought hanging out in the empty house was a blast. They packed school books and a few favorite toys and spent many happy hours playing in bare rooms and building houses in empty closets while I scrubbed and painted.

By the time February rolled around, we were finally ready to list the home. We decided to try the For Sale By Owner route first. We advertised an open house on Zillow and Craigslist, stuck signs in the yard, and then we waited. A grand total of zero people showed up for the open house.

It was kind of discouraging. And funny. We decided a realtor was worth the expense. (As of St. Patrick’s Day, the house is under contract! Hurray!)

Rose, Will, and my sister Kathryn helping my Mom and me scrub the tile. Despite having her own huge projects, she spent hours helping us! <3

Teeth have also played an important part in the lives of our oldest and youngest this winter. For months, Rose has given us excited updates on the wigglyness of her teeth and has looked forward to losing her very first tooth. She finally attained this badge of growing up. The next day Edmund began cutting his first teeth. Rose was definitely more excited about losing her tooth than he is about gaining his.

Not only did Rose lose her first tooth this winter, after weeks of begging me to teach her how to make something all by herself, I let her make pancakes one evening for dinner with a little supervision. Last weekend we were treated to a delicious pile of pancakes she made all by herself (with Will’s help).

Legos made their way into our home at Christmas. Since then the Legos have provided dozens of hours of entertainment. William especially loves designing. His space ships, airplanes and hospitals are the center of many creative stories.

All the kids would love for us to get a dog, but I’ve told them that though I absolutely love having four children to care for and train, I don’t want to have to train a dog too. A few weeks later the kids were talking and Will said, “When I grow up I want to be a farmer and have lots and lots of animals,” he continued a bit sadly, “so I can’t get married and have kids.” I assured him that animals and families go very well together. just don’t have the energy or desire to train a dog right now.

(I did just find out that our city allows SIX chickens per household, not four like I thought. For some reason that makes raising them seem so much more worthwhile, since, ahem, I know it would be so much easier than having a dog. Right?)

Partly because she’s so tall and partly because she’s very independent, strangers regularly assume Meg is at least three. Sometimes even I forget she’s only two. She loves trying everything the big kids do…with varied degrees of success. Her latest obsession is puzzles and she spends hours each week building and rebuilding them.

Except when he’s teething, Edmund is one of the cheerfullest fellows around and loves the attention his big sisters and brother lavish on him. He giggles and coos and constantly thumps everything around him. He’s perfecting the art of rolling around, scooting in circles, and trapping himself in awkward positions.

There are few things like watching your children grow up to make the fleetingness sink in! I find myself forgetting things so quickly and am making a conscious effort to stop and enjoy.

How has your winter been? 

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  1. says

    Thank you for the update! 🙂 I love hearing about your life and “watching” your kiddos grow. They grow up so fast and change so quickly. I got a chuckle over Will’s idea of animals or kids. 🙂
    Wah I nee!

    • anna says

      WE JUST GOT CHICKENS!!!! Lol, given my plan to never get animals, it was a pretty big step for me. The kids are thrilled. 🙂 So now we have both.

  2. says

    What a busy winter you’ve had! I love the pictures of your beautiful children. Edmund is such a doll, and getting so big!

    And I forgot that you are from Greenland! 🙂

    Enjoyed this post and the tidbits about your sweet family, my friend. ((hugs))

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