Breaking My Own Little Bubble

Do you ever feel like you are living in a sort of bubble. A safe, happy bubble constructed of your own cares and duties?

I do. Sometimes my own simple joys and petty troubles fill my days. I grow content to teach my children, spend time with family and friends, make garden plans, experiment in the kitchen and simply enjoy being a homemaker, without a thought to the outside world.

Teaching, cooking, gardening, and investing in the lives are my children are all good things. Things that I believe I should be doing at this stage in my life as I seek to be a faithful wife and mother.

The trouble comes when I get so caught up in my own little bubble, that I lose sight of the needs of the Church and lost around the world.

My calling doesn’t end at wife and mother. As a daughter of the King, I am commanded to love the saints, pray for those in bonds, and seek to save the lost.

With four little ones committed to my care, it’s difficult to find ways to be actively involved. I can’t think of many ministries that would jump at the prospect of four children under six joining me for an afternoon of volunteering. But volunteering isn’t the only way to break free of our own little bubbles.

Be informed:

Some mornings I wish I could hide my head under the covers and hold off facing the many demands of the day a few more minutes. Sometimes I wish that by ignoring the news or avoiding stories of the hardships of believers globally the problems would fade away. Neither tactic works. The needs are real and urgent.

Opening our minds to the needs of the world helps break us free from our own little bubbles to bear the burdens of believers globally.


God commanded us to “bear one another’s burdens” but also to cast our “burdens on the Lord.” Oftentimes there is little or nothing you or I can do to solve a problem. Thankfully even the kings’ hearts are in God’s hands and He moves through the prayers of His people. Depressing news shouldn’t drive us to despair. It should drive us to God’s throne.


“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose,” said Jim Eliot, a missionary who gave his life to spread the gospel. Ten out of ten will die and we can’t take anything with us. All we have comes from God’s hands. He has called us to acknowledge that with open hands and purse strings.

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  1. says

    Thoughts around this subject were going through my mind just the other day. Thanks for your thoughts on this, they are very encouraging and helpful!

  2. says

    Love this – so true! It is hard while being mom and wife to stay balanced, serving our families is essential but we are called and asked to do more. Finding little ways to step out into the church community, or local neighborhood is important… I try to see it as a way of teaching my kids and pick service projects we can do together…

    I hope you don’t mind, I’m sharing this post with Salt & Light, a link up where we share other’s posts in order to encourage others ever week. If you have a chance to stop by and gain some encouragement, please do!


    • anna says

      Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement. I so agree about the importance of modeling service to others for and with our children.

      Also, thanks for linking me up in your link-up. It looks like a very encouraging one!

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