What’s Most Important to Your Child

“Mama. We don’t play with the toilet paper. Nooooo. That not good.” Meg told me in the most serious, grown-up voice she could muster, then continued enthusiastically, “Look! My didn’t play with it.”

There is so much to learn about life when you’re two. Sometimes I don’t notice all the little milestones my children pass, because I forget that when you’re two, playing with the toilet paper really is a strong temptation. So is peeking under the stalls in a public restroom and testing all the soaps to see if they’re all the same color.

In the bustle of “real life”, it’s easy to overlook the simple discoveries that lighten their world and underestimate how difficult the simple rules are to follow. (What’s wrong with playing peek-a-boo under those bathroom stalls anyway?)

“Don’t treat what’s most important to your child as the least of your concerns.” My friend Peggy mentioned this advice from Fit to Burst and the words have played over and over in my mind.

It’s so easy to gloss over my children’s troubles and dampen their joys because I’m too busy making dinner or checking Facebook to pause and look into their eyes and listen. It’s hard to drop my important grown-up-stuff to value what’s important to them because they are my children and I value them.

As I pause to appreciate what’s important to them, they’re also teaching me to stand in awe over God’s little marvels and treasure relationships over efficiency. They’re teaching me to become more child-like.

So here’s to treating what’s important to our little ones as important to us too. Here’s to taking the time to rejoice with them and weep with them. Even if it’s over toilet paper.

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    Sometimes it is hard to see the world from the perspective of those little ones, but when you do, life takes on a new feel, a new wonder and a new delight. 🙂 Oh, these little ones grow up so quickly!

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