A Tribute to Faithful Love

Thirty years ago, my parents joined their hands in marriage. This thank you tribute is for them…  (and also for all those who are redeeming marriage for future generations.) 

Thank you for rejecting the shallow commitment that passes for love and choosing the love that lives to each other and dies to self daily. For decades.

In a world that urges “do what feels good”, thank you for choosing faithfulness even when it doesn’t feel good.

Thank you for rejoicing through the good times and praying through the hard times. Together.

A tribute to faithful love, the love that carries out its vows to love and cherish, even when the first  feelings of being "in love" fade and you have to get down to the actual work of loving.

Thank you for facing the challenges that come with an inter-cultural marriage, and seeking the unity found in Christ. (photo credit)

In a culture that claims a booming career and lots of money make life meaningful, thank you for choosing to raise a large family, even though it cost you a lot.

Thank you for working through the mess and plodding through the challenges that we fallen couples face.

In a world obsessed with cheap romance, thank you for treating the marriage bed as sacred and secret.

Thank you for resting in Christ’s love, when your own was all dried up.

In a world obsessed with "romance", this is a tribute to my parents and countless others who have chosen the beautiful, difficult, totally worthwhile road of faithful love.

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In a world where the words “till death do us part” have lost their meaning, thank you for standing by each other through better and worse, through sickness and health.

Thanks for showing that love is much more than a fancy date or passionate kiss, though dates and kisses are important.

Thank you for committing to finish well the journey you have started.

Thank you for mirroring, though imperfectly, the perfect love of Christ and His church.

Thank you for the legacy you are leaving for each of your children.

I am so grateful for you, Papa and Mama, and pray that the next thirty years finds you even more deeply in love than the day you first said your vows.  

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  1. says

    Hi Anna! Congratulations to your Mom and Dad on their 30th! They are probably my age! Oh, how wonderful to have raised children such as you! Your parents are so blessed to have a daughter who loves and honor them so! And you are so blessed to have parents who have left such an example that you would write something this special! Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful week! And yes, may your parents have at least 30 more years of happy anniversaries! Blessings from Bama!

  2. nanatoothree says

    That was a beautiful tribute to your parents.
    My parents had six of us (they were both the oldest of 7). They had 38 yrs. together. Mom died unexpectedly on Jan. 13 in ’94. (we just passed the 20 yr. mark). Both my parents were Mennonite, somewhat strict back then…. My one grandfather was a preacher (my dad worked the farm so he could do “the Lord’s work.”) and the other one a dairy farmer.
    one of your faithful readers,

    • anna says

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Dawn! We only have half of what my parents had (I’m the oldest of 8!) Though parenting is a joy, I’m realizing afresh what sacrifices my parents made for me.

  3. says

    This was sweet, Anna! I’ve been blessed to watch them over the years I’ve known you all. May their next 30 years together be as blessed as the first 30.

  4. Sylvia says

    Good tribute Anna. That’s what love looks like in action. None of us realize what sacrifice it takes until we’re doing it ourself. It blesses me that you see and understand their example. So many seem to look on, but not see. Congratulations to your parents! Lots of love to you and yours!

    • anna says

      Awww, thanks Sylvia! Lots of love to you too. We’re so grateful for you and Wally and the great example you two have been of faithfulness and love, even in the face of so many trials. Love you!

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