9 Reasons to Shop at Aldi (Besides Saving Money)

After four years of the nearest Aldi being almost an hour away, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have two Aldi stores within fifteen minutes of us. If I were a millionaire, I would still shop at Aldi. I much prefer shopping there than at other stores.

Shopping at Aldi saves money. Lots of money. But that’s only one of many reasons why I love shopping there. 

  1. Shopping at Aldi saves brain power. There’s only one brand of diced tomatoes and one choice of dried basil. Instead of staring at rows of canned tomatoes and trying to decipher the differences (or determine if there are any) between twenty varieties, there’s just one option. Take it or leave it and save your brain power for more important decisions.
  2. The store brand is generally good. There are a few items we don’t like, but for the most part we can’t tell a difference or like Aldi’s brand just as well as other brands. (Though most of what I buy is not processed.) Try the Aldi brand. You just might like it. If not…
  3. They offer a double-back guarantee on most food items. If a product is not satisfactory, they’ll replace it AND refund your money. You can’t really lose with a guarantee like that.
  4. Their produce sales are amazing. It’s hard to beat avocados for 19¢ a piece or a pound of mushrooms for 79¢! Apparently some Aldi stores regularly have sub-par produce, but I’ve been as happy with the produce from the Aldi near us as I have with other grocery stores (though of course it can’t compare to a farmer’s market or fresh from the garden!) You do have to check the produce and be selective, but I do that no matter what store I’m at. ( To help minimize pesticide consumption, I try to purchase items from the “Dirty Dozen” list organic or grow them myself.—on that note, our Aldi recently started carrying organic spinach. Yay!)
  5. Their “special-buy” items rock! Besides the regular food items, Aldi carries “special-buy” items that change regularly. In the spring it was garden goods. In late summer it was back-to-school items. I’ve been tickled with how often just the item I needed shows up in the “special-buy” aisle at Aldi. A few of my favorite finds include a garden spade (that was much nicer than the more expensive one from Lowes), a heavy-duty magnifying glass with an LED light (batteries included) for the same price as a cheap school kind, a cute white hamper, and beautiful trellises for the garden. Not only are the items a great deal, I’ve consistently been surprised by how good quality they are. (And, if they’re not good quality, returns are easy.)
  6. The store isn’t huge. I like walking, but prefer to get my exercise in the great outdoors. Thanks in large part to reason #1, you don’t have to walk a mile just to get your groceries. Of course this also means that Aldi doesn’t carry every single thing we need, but I can usually shop there weekly or every other week (if we get our milk locally) and then only go to Wal-mart or Target occasionally for the other items.
  7. The customers are friendlier. Maybe it’s because they’re saving so much money, maybe it’s because they don’t have to spend all their brain power wading through too many choices, but whatever the reason, customers at Aldi tend to be much more friendly…at least at the Aldi we go to.
  8. The cashiers are lightning fast. 
  9. Last, but certainly not least, EVERYONE puts away their cart. Not-putting-away-carts is a pet peeve of mine. Add a 25¢ incentive and voila! Problem solved. (I try not to believe that this says something rather sad about our country.)

Do you shop at Aldi? Why or why not?

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  1. says

    We shop at Aldi and love it. 🙂 When we are buying things for AGC or Family Camp, Aldi and Sam’s are are main places to shop. When we lost Aldi for several months after the tornado, we went to Carthage to their Aldi and were so thrilled when ours reopened. 🙂

  2. says

    I love to shop at Aldi’s! It is right close to Wal-Mart so I go to Aldi and get the specials, then the rest of the stuff at WM. Thanks for sharing your take on Aldi! Blessings from Bama!

  3. Theresa says

    I love Aldi! I seriously don’t know how could afford to feed my family without them. You’re so right about the customers being friendlier. Not sure why either, but it’s true.

  4. says

    Aldi is my main grocery shopping store, and I agree, I would go there even if we were millionaires. Ours is only 5 minutes away, and we’ve almost never had issues with produce. I think their dairy products are better than most stores, including butter, sour cream, and cheese. If we ever have to move away from one, I know we’ll miss it!

  5. Marie Booth says

    Have you ever had raisin bran with flakes that stay crispy till the last bite? Aldi’s raisin bran is the best by far; better than any brand I’ve tried. I enjoy their dairy products as well-milk, cheese, butter, and eggs at prices so easy to afford.

    • anna says

      Really? We hardly ever eat cereal, but when we do I cringe at paying for the name brand stuff. I will have to try it out. Soggy cereal is something I can scarcely get down!

      I think my favorite “new” discovery is their all natural peanut butter. It’s made with evaporated cane juice and costs the same as their regular stuff!

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