“I Love You More Than All My Toys”

“I love you more than aaaaaalllllll my toys,” Will said as he wrapped his arms around me and planted a good-night kiss on my cheek.

He tells Joshua and me this regularly as we tuck him into bed. I don’t place quite as much value on his trucks and stuffed animals as he does, but his words warm my heart each time.

God loves to shower His people with good gifts. But sometimes while enjoying the gifts, we lose sight of the giver. God wants us to love HIM more than all His gifts.

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His words took on new significance earlier as I snuggled with Edmund and thought about God’s gifts to me, which have been so evident this past week.

I’ve seen His goodness in so many ways:

  • I see it as my children run laughing down the sidewalk, with the wind and the sun working together to make their hair ripple like gold.
  • I see it in the beautiful sandals I found at a garage sale to replace my much-loved (but falling-apart) ones.
  • I see it in Joshua finding the absolutely perfect picture for our living room (on it’s way from London at the moment!)
  • I feel it when Joshua steps up behind me and wraps his arms around my post baby waist and tells me he loves me.
  • I see it in the generosity of family and friends who have showered us with meals and love these past weeks. 

Happiness and gratitude filled me as I thought on these and many other blessings. But as I rejoiced in God’s gifts, Will’s words came to mind: “I love you more than all my toys.” 

God loves to bless His children with good things. But sometimes His gifts give us such happiness that we forget the Giver and start focusing on all our shiny “toys”.

Will’s words pointed me back to the Giver of all my good gifts. Though we certainly should rejoice in His goodness, God wants us to love Him more than all His gifts.

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