Today I Was Going to Make My Bed

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This morning I was going to make my bed. Not the most ambitious of goals, but since Edmund was born, I (the girl who couldn’t stand to leave her bed unmade) had made it a grand total of twice.

So today I was going to make the bed.

But by the time I woke up and fed baby Edmund, it was already past breakfast time for the rest of us.

After we had eaten and read a Bible story together, I was going to make my bed. But Will needed help getting his clothes on the right way and I had to oversee morning chores.

Soon chores were done and everyone (except me) was dressed and with their bed made.

I was going to make my bed then, but Edmund made it quite clear he might starve if I didn’t feed him immediately.

While I fed him, I read a couple books aloud to the kids. Then, before the kiddos got absorbed in another adventure (and mess), we needed to start school.

So Rosalind recited poetry to me while I swept the floor and switched laundry. Then we worked on Bible memory and Latin practice together.

While the kids took a little break and Edmund lay down for his morning nap, I went upstairs to make my bed… but somebody had an accident. So I went back downstairs and cleaned that sweet somebody up instead.

Now that I was back downstairs, the stack of papers on the counter reminded me of a couple bills I needed to pay. In the process of getting down the envelopes, I had an idea for reorganizing the kitchen cupboard to make it much more efficient (something I’d been wanting to do for weeks). Quickly I paid the bills and reorganized the cupboard.

Then it was time for more school. When we finished it was nearly lunch time. Edmund was napping, so I hurried to get lunch ready before he woke up.

After we’d eaten, cleaned up, and I’d tucked the little ones into bed for a nap, I finally had time to make the bed… only I was so tired after being up in the night, that I took a nap instead.

Finally, a bit after four p.m., I made my bed.

It took all of sixty seconds.

Anyone else have days like mine? 

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  1. says

    This made me laugh. I used to make my bed every single day. But with our baby daughter sleeping in our room, I would just leave the bed unmade while she was sleeping so she wouldn’t be disturbed. Often, I never get back to the bedroom again to make it. 🙂

  2. Michele says

    Oh, the life of a mother, love it! This reminded me of the book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. I’m glad you finally got the bed made and especially a well deserved nap!

  3. says

    I also laughed, Anna. Or at least smiled. 🙂 I don’t know what I’d do if I had a baby, but right now I always make my bed before I even get dressed. (As soon as I’m out of bed I turn on the light and make it. It keeps me from getting back in it. 🙂 )
    But I do put off other things that take 60 seconds. 😛

  4. says

    Goodness, yes. Sometimes it’s not because my little boy is keeping me busy but because I’m just weary, battling with accepting God’s grace and so I just don’t do it to spite myself…It helps me keep things in perspective over what’s important since I tend to overstress about housestuff. I’m slowly learning 🙂

    Oh, and did you ever get time to get dressed yourself?? You never said 🙂

    • anna says

      Oh I totally can relate to just being weary! I’m glad God’s so patient with us

      And yes, I did *finally* get dressed too. I had to take a shower, which is a bit more of a challenge now, lol!

  5. Nannette and the Sweetheart says

    Awesome…I remember those days!! And would love to relive them 🙂 You are blessed and who cares if you don’t get it made although I admit that would drive me nuts when my boys were little, lol. Enjoy every minute with your babies, I know you probably hear this all the time but they will be grown before you know it! Blessings!

  6. says

    Even with older children now I still have problems getting my bed made on a daily basis. It always seems like someone needs me to help them find a book for history or their math disc (teaching textbook). Then the laundry beeps. Then the phone rings. The distractions go on and on. So I can totally relate to this.

  7. says

    Hi There! I am coming over from Raising Mighty Arrows.

    Well, every day is like your day, because I gave up on made beds ages ago. But you had a purpose and you would not give up on it, even when circumstances kept calling you from it. That is inspirational! And you made all the right choices along the way too. Imagine telling any of your children that they had to wait because you had to make a bed?

    You are doing just fine, and being the Mom you should be 🙂
    Nice to meet you today!

    • anna says

      Awww, thanks for the encouragement and for stopping by Ceil! You’re right, telling a child “Wait I can’t help you get dressed because I need to make my bed” wouldn’t send the right message. 🙂

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