8 Uses for an Old White Sheet

There’s something so fun about turning an item that was bound for the trashcan into something useful! We recently changed bed sizes so I had several non-necessary, good-quality, but somewhat stained white sheets to play with. Here’s a few ways to up-cycle an old white sheet.

  1. Plant coverings. Cut the sheet into various-sized plant covers. Use the covers to protect tender seedlings from an unexpected late frost.
  2. Plant shades. Did you know that even plants can get sunburnt? I didn’t let my little seedlings harden off quite long enough and learned this the hard way. Old white sheets make excellent plant shades until the seedling has adjusted to life in the sun.
  3. Cotton slip. This was by far my favorite use for an old white sheet. I passionately dislike polyester/silk slips, especially in the summer, but almost all of my summery skirts really need a slip. The solution: turn an old sheet into a cotton slip. Just cut a rectangular piece of material that’s a bit wider than you want it. Sew the side and hem the bottom. Fold over the top twice for a piece of elastic or ribbon and sew. So easy. This really is a “1-hour project” (or less).
  4. Lining for curtains, quilts, or other projects: sheet material is generally softer and better quality than the cheap lining fabric.
  5. Dress-up hats, aprons, etc.: I made Rose a vintage looking nurse outfit for her third birthday using an old white sheet to make her apron and nurse’s cap.
  6. White bedskirt: Sewing projects that involve straight lines are about all I have time or patience for these days. This simple bedskirt didn’t take much skill but cutting it took longer than I thought. It was fun to make something for the kids’ room, but probably only worth the time if since I happened to have a series of lectures I had to watch and wanted to do something while I listened—and the ironing happened to be caught up!
  7. Drop cloth: If you decide to paint with three little “helpers”, chances are you’ll have a spill! Even if you paint alone, a good drop cloth is very important.
  8. White curtains: straight lines again, yay!

Have you up-cycled any items lately? If so, please share!

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    One thing I always loved old sheets for as a child (and even now) is to make forts with. They are light weight enough that they don’t usually fall down (unless of course your nephew wants to lay on top of the “house”), or you can take them outside and use them. Then if they get ripped, who cares. Some younger friends and I used to make “missionary doctor tents” and play missionary doctor by the hour.
    Old sheets are great to play “water-balloon volleyball” with. 🙂
    We like to keep a small box with a few old sheets or blankets just to play with.

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    Good ideas! I like to collect and save materials too! There is always this sewing idea that pops up or another project etc. I like to use white material to cover windows on the sunny side of our home. It creates a very nice light for taking photos of my kids when straight sunlight would be too harsh and would create unwanted shadows.
    It’s also great for making costumes. One year our family dressed as ancient Roman family…I used a lot of white material to create our outfits!

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    We are using an old white sheet right now as an awning/door shade. We hand it with clothespins from the edge of the permanent awning, to shade out doorway in the afternoons and evenings when the sun is hottest. It sits about 4 feet out from the door so we can keep it open, allow lots of breezes, but keep the direct sun out. Also keeps the neighbours or passers by from seeing in! 🙂 I liked the idea of the costumes for birthdays.

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