Homeschooling Day by Day

If you’ve ever wished for a homeschooling manual- or better yet, a mentor- I think you’ll love Homeschooling Day by Day! 


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This ebook is the collaborate work of eleven mothers who, like you, are in the trenches raising and educating their children at home.

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“If you are considering homeschooling or are a veteran of 20 years, if you’re excited about the upcoming school year or fearful and dreading it, this book will speak to and encourage you!” -Gena Mayo, I Choose Joy!

Throughout the forty chapters of Homeschooling Day by Day, you’ll read about 

homeschooling methods,

learning styles

homeschooling kids with learning disabilities,

homeschooling teenagers, preschoolers, and how to juggle multiple ages, 

dealing with insecurity and criticism as a homeschool mom,

how to handle bad attitudes, expectations,

hands on help for lesson planning, keeping up with housework, meals, and so much more!

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Homeschooling Day by Day is an outpouring of Godly encouragement that will sustain you on the dry and weary days.”

– Jamerrill Stewart, Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling

If you’re a homeschool mom in need of a little inspiration, or if you’ve ever considered homeschooling but aren’t quite sure you can do it, Homeschooling Day by Day will encourage and empower you!

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