A Peek into our Summer

The first half of summer has simply flown by. With a new baby on the way and Rose starting school in earnest this fall, one of my main goals for the summer was simply to savor the moments with my children.

Blogging has been on the back burner (as you can tell!), so I thought I’d give you a peek at what we’ve been up to. 

Joshua’s family–just think how big it will be in ten years! (photo credit)

The summer got off to a lovely start with Joshua’s little sister Becca’s beautiful wedding. Outdoor weddings are risky, but her dream was to get married in her parents’ backyard. The dream turned out practically perfect.

Rose with the kids’ favorite pony, Sackett

June began with two events the kids had been highly-anticipating: Rose’s sixth birthday and the children’s very first horse “show” (thanks Elissa!)Those who warned me that time flies by much faster once you become a mom were right. It’s hard to believe that Rose is already six and little Meg can sit on a horse (almost) by herself. 

Rose’s favorite part of turning six was getting to stop laying down for a quiet time. We bought her a beautifully illustrated copy of The Secret Garden (thanks Candace for the recommendation!) and have had lots of fun reading it together while the other two nap.

Joshua had to go to Texas for training mid-June. My mom and sisters helped speed the time till he got home by painting our bedrooms. I still wake up each morning and smile when the sun peeks through the white curtains (which I still haven’t taken time to iron) and lights up the relaxing warm-gray walls.

Most of my lengthy before-the-baby-arrives to-do list probably won’t get done [maybe, just maybe, I’ll get those curtains ironed], but it’s so much fun to be able to “nest” in my own home. With Will and Meg we spent the summers leading up to their births with family (which was awesome), but I almost drove myself crazy trying to “nest” away from home. 

 Despite the grimace, Will couldn’t stop talking about how fun their fishing “trip” was. It helped that he caught his first little fish almost instantly. 

Earlier this year while reading through the Gospels with the children, I read the verse “if your son asks you for a fish, will you give him a snake?” Later that day Will announced that Joshua was taking him fishing. He hadn’t talked to Joshua, but was fully convinced that Jesus’ words meant that if a son asks for a fish, his father will take him fishing. (How could Joshua say “no” to that?!)

We joined my family at the lake for the day, Joshua and Will finally got to go on their fishing trip. 

Will’s fish was too small to keep, but we did get to have dried fish (a traditional Faroese treat) for lunch. 
When it came right down to it, sleeping in a tent seven months pregnant with wiggly little ones didn’t seem like quite as much fun as I’d originally thought, but we let Rose spend the night. Even though I knew I was entrusting her into good hands and that she and my baby sis (who’s only five months older than she is!) would have a marvelous time, letting go was harder than I thought.
Fears of her drowning or getting abducted flooded my mind, until I finally entrusted her into God’s hands. All my fears proved unnecessary. She survived the weekend with nothing worse than a few chigger bites.
What has your summer been like?
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