Why & How to Soak Almonds (& Other Nuts)

Crispy soaked nuts not only taste more flavorful, they are easier for your body to digest!

Don’t you just love it when you can very simply make a food healthier and tastier at the same time?

I love raw almonds, pecans, and walnuts so my friend Kathryn told me she’d been making the “crispy nuts” from Nourishing Traditions, I was a bit skeptical. Why on earth should you soak almonds or walnuts when they’re so tasty raw?

Want to make raw almonds (and other nuts) even tastier and easier to digest? Follow these simple steps to soak and dry them.

Our first batch of soaked crispy almonds–the kids can’t seem to get enough of them! 

Not only does soaking and drying nuts increase the natural flavor, the soaking process makes the almonds (or other nuts) easier to digest.

Soaking mimics the practice of many native cultures who traditionally soaked and dried the nuts they collected before eating. Soaking them dramatically increases the ability of our bodies to absorb the nutrients.

Thankfully we don’t have to depend on the sun to do our drying for us!

Soaked Crispy Almonds Recipe


  • Salt
  • Almonds (or other nuts)
  • Filtered water
  • Large glass bowl or pan
  • Dehydrator OR an oven you can use for at least 12 hours


Mix a tablespoon of salt with filtered water. Add 4 cups of almonds and let them soak in a glass pan or bowl for about seven to twelve hours.

Drain the almonds. The skins pop off very easily at this point, so if you want, pop some (or all) of the almonds out of their skins. I prefer the taste with the skins on, but skinless is nice for baking.

Dehydrator Method for drying

If you plan to dry almonds regularly, consider investing in a dehydrator. It makes the process SO easy (and of course has countless other uses, like preserving herbs, making homemade fruit leather, drying apple chips, etc. I received a L’Quip Dehydrator for Christmas and love the fact that you can control the temperature and fit so much on it. )

Once your almonds are thoroughly rinsed and patted dry, spread them out on the trays of your dehydrator. Turn on and let dry for 12-24 hours, testing every few hours. Once they’re thoroughly dried, cool and store in a air-tight container

Oven Method for drying

Before I had a dehydrator, I just used the oven. Spread on a glass or stainless steel pan. Try not to let the almonds touch. Let dry 12-24 hours in a 150 degree oven and stir occasionally. (Ours doesn’t go quite that low, so I would heat it to 170, leave the light on and turn off the oven.)

After about 20 hours, they still weren’t as crispy as I’d like, so I left the oven on at around 170.

Once they’re thoroughly dried, cool and store in a air-tight container.

Turn raw nuts into even more of a powerhouse by soaking and drying them. Not only does it increase flavor, it helps your body absorb the nutrients better.

Make soaked crispy almonds

Much as I love raw almonds, I have to agree that soaked crispy almonds even more flavorful soaked and dried.

Not only do they taste richer, soaking the nuts makes it much easier for your body to absorb the nutrients.

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  1. says

    I use my dehydrator at 105 to keep the natural enzymes alive. It does take about 30 hours though because of the lower temp. I’ve not yet tried walnuts.

    • anna says

      I just borrowed my mom’s dehydrator to give them a try at a lower temp. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Daga says

      The purpose of drying or heating is getting rid of some igriedients. While soaking bacteria and mold can naturally appear so it’s not safe keep the temerature while drying low enough for it to survive and than store it. Mold living on grains is one of the most toxic. Plus, in times when people actually ate a lot of food raw, almonds were not one of them, because a content of cyanides was too high. Not all food is meant to be eaten raw. Humanity invented cooking for safety reasons and to increase nutrition intake. Some enzymes are essential – but for plants to grow, and produce toxins which will scare away wild animals from eating it. Modern fashion is making people eat it, because of being bored with fruits and some vegatables only – only produckts trully fitting raw philosophy.

  2. Alejandra von Winterfeldt says

    Hi, I live in Spain, lots of sun here, and electricity very expensive, trying to make this but not sure about having to spend so many hours with the oven on, even on low…so I just wanted to know if it is posible to dry them in the sun, or if that is dangerous or doesnt grant you same results?

    Thank You Kindly!

    • anna says

      Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      I’m pretty sure soaked almonds were traditionally dried in the sun, so I would think it would work great! (Let me know if you try it—I’m quite curious. 🙂 )

      Alternatively, you could also invest in an dehydrator, which don’t use as much energy I believe.

      • Alejandra von Winterfeldt says

        Yes thank You for Your reply! I am trying it with the sun now lets see how it turns out, I`ll let you know, promise! I am wanting to invest in a dehydrator but I have to move slowly, dont want to drive my husband crazy, I am touching on this paleo style diet, totally new to me but as soon as I saw some recipies I was like” this is what I was looking for” and I have to give my husband some time to get used to it all, allready bought a food proccesor.

        • anna says

          Can’t wait to hear how it turned out!

          Starting slowly is the best way to go for sure! I doubt we’ll ever be totally “healthy” but adding in one new change at a time seems to make the changes more permanent. 🙂

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