Save the Whales (for Dinner) & Other Earth Day Thoughts

“Green” and “carbon neutral” products are such a fad these days that it’s hard to walk down the street without some reminder to recycle, be carbon neutral, buy earth-friendly products, or even invest in reusable toilet paper that you can bleach. (Wasn’t bleach the ultimate evil a few years ago?)

As a Christian, I am glad for the concern for this wonderful world God created. I’m all for reducing waste, avoiding toxic chemicals, and eating as healthy as possible, but the frenzy can be ridiculous.

For example, have you noticed that recycled paper costs more now than regular paper simply because it’s recycled? My cousin from Germany told me that “In Germany the demand for recycled paper was so high, they would send new paper straight from the factory to the recycling plant to meet the demands.” Crazy, huh?

While being good stewards is important, God placed man on earth to enjoy and take dominion. Today people are often considered the problem. “Save the whales!” many urge, “but it’s okay to kill the babies.”

Several years ago, a news article came out about the Faroe Islands, my tiny homeland, advocating boycotting their exports because they kill whales.

Yep, the Faroese kill whales. Not only that, they eat them. (And enjoy eating them.)

Whale killings are a part of the culture and heritage. But they are not wasteful killings. Rather, when whales are spotted in a harbor, the men of the town gather together to help catch them. When the whales are killed, they are divided and distributed among those that helped and those who couldn’t help, like widows. None of the whale is wasted.

It’s not just a sport. It’s a way for the community to work together, provide for themselves, and help out those who need it. (I believe the instigators of the boycott later realized that they were mistaken since the Faroese whales were not endangered. That is beyond the point.)

Christians should wisely steward the earth, not for the sake of mice in California or the whales in the Atlantic, but because God has given this beautiful world to us take dominion over. We should preserve its beauty for our children and their children.

We can do that in simple and sane ways: by growing a garden, choosing non-toxic cleaning supplies (or making our own), and being mindful of the daily choices we make.

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. says

    Excellent post with good balance. The earth is not God and we must not worship it. All the ‘saving’ of the earth will still one day end in destruction, by God, according to His Word. Being good stewards is essential; so is dominion. We must be balanced.
    Thank you for this excellent reminder.

  2. Elissa says

    My senior seminar biology presentation in college was on whaling. At the end my conclusion was very similar to what you wrote, and it wasn’t a very popular perspective. 🙂 We need more good Christian scientists who understand “tending the garden”, instead of assuming humans are evil and should, ideally, be done away with.

    • anna says

      Amen! We need more scientists to understand (and non-scientist Christians to tend) this beautiful garden.

      Oh, and I would *love* to get to read your paper–how neat.

  3. Pall Hansen says

    Great article, Anna; as someone growing up in the Faroe Islands, it seemed extremely odd that the people who boycotted us killing the whales seemed to have no problem with a baby being killed in the mother’s womb.

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