Garden Beginnings

After four years of renting (and being gone for 1-3 months each summer) I am garden obsessed this spring. While I’m waiting for the weather to make up it’s mind that spring is really here, I’ve been busy reading, planning and gathering supplies.

Gardening books from the library–One Magic Square is my favorite so far! 

Start small and keep it manageable, I keep having to remind myself (especially since we’re expecting a baby this summer). I’d gladly dig up half the yard right now, but probably wouldn’t have the energy or desire to weed and water it all come summer’s 100 degree weather.

This year I’m focusing on growing on our top favorite vegetables that are high on the dirty dozen list and/or are fairly expensive. Plus, we’re putting in a few berry bushes. (Happy squeal!)


Tomatoes, mini bell peppers, and herbs

I’ve never started my own tomato or pepper seeds before, but when I opened a copy of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalog, how could I resist? You get a greater variety to choose from, ensure they’re heirloom seeds, save money, and get to play in the dirt sooner.

We made cute little newspaper pots that you can plant straight in the garden following Jacquline’s, from Deep Roots at Home’s, easy tutorial. They were fun to make and even Rose and Will were able to help.

Once the seeds germinated, I needed a mount for the grow light that was adjustable. Duplos were the perfect solution.

 Lettuce and spinach peaking up behind the rose bush

The backyard garden plot isn’t ready yet, so my little sis and I dug up part of the existing bed in the front and tucked spinach and lettuce seeds behind the rose bushes.

A removable screen door (perfect for cute toddlers who can’t remember to close the door–and their mamas!) 

If you have busy little garden helpers and no screen door, a removable screen “door” is amazing! I found this one at a yard sale, but you could order one from Amazon or easily make your own too from a tension rod, netting and magnets.

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  1. says

    I have a black thumb, and we are renting too, but my mother-in-law is taking me under her wing with some vegetable gardening at her house this year! I am SUPER excited! Hoping we can share about our thriving gardens later in the summer! 🙂

  2. Jenni says

    That is so great, Anna. I have seedlings started too, and after our most recent little snowstorm, I think they are almost ready to be moved outside. Let’s hope that this year’s summer is a little kinder to us in the Midwest! What are you planting?

    • anna says

      I have a self-pollinating blueberry bush in the front yard with some spinach and lettuce “hiding” behind the rose bushes. Once we finally stop having frosts, I’ll be planting really pretty pole beans to climb up the front porch. 🙂

      I just planted a few raspberry bushes in the backyard and once it warms up will plant the peppers and tomatoes I started from seed and bush beans and cucumbers! 🙂

      (By the way, I LOVE your beautiful garden flats and what you said about the green signs of life being better than the best Facebook update, but for some reason I can’t comment on your blog—though I’ve tried many times!)

      • Jenni says

        Oh, that’s weird – I have gotten a few comments lately but maybe there is a problem for some people. It’s fun to share in the gardening bug, though :).

        • anna says

          I seem to have a problem with all sites. I’ve tried everything I can think of to make it work and it keeps giving me errors.

          One of my good friends told me she’s been having “garden-induced insomnia.” I think I must have that same bug, lol!

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