Announcing Our New Family Portrait

Our family portrait, come late summer, by Rose. From top left to bottom right: Will, Meg, BABY, Joshua, Me, Rose

 I’m so excited to get to share our happy news with you….we’re having a baby!

We are all thrilled. The kids can’t get enough of their baby cousin Elise and are ecstatic about us having our very own baby to love on. Even Meg talks about “Ba-bese” all the time, though I’m not sure she understands at all!

Baby’s due date is September 7th. All three of our other children were born about two weeks early, so I’m hoping this baby comes in August. Not only do I not want to wait till September to see him/her, being nine months pregnant in 100 degree weather is not fun.

I’ve been so incredibly blessed by the kiddos sweetness and helpfulness as I’ve been in sick-and-tired mode the last couple of weeks. Rose regularly offers to “make breakfast” so I can sleep in a bit more and Will is ready with a cup of water and a hug if I need to lay down during the day for a few minutes.

Our cute alien family, courtesy of Will (3). From left to right: Will, Baby, Me, Rose, Meg & Papa

We’ve been focusing on the essentials the last few weeks (as you may have noticed from my absence around here!): food on the table, clean clothes to wear, and school time. (Plus lots of reading and cuddling!)

A rare burst of energy last week resulted in a sparkling stovetop and microwave. I smile every time I look at them, but unfortunately the energy didn’t last long enough to tackle the refrigerator.

Oh well. Pretty soon life should be back to “normal” and I’ll have the energy to clean the refrigerator, wash real plates (you don’t want to know how many paper plates we’ve used lately—thankfully Joshua thinks they’re one of the most wonderful “inventions” ever!) and blog regularly again.

Until then, I’ll sleep more than a baby, try to keep food down, and rejoice in the miracle of new life God has blessed us with.

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  1. Blessed Mama says

    Congratulations!! 😀
    We are expecting #6 with an EDD of Sept 4th… only mine tend to come about a week late! 😉

    • anna says

      How fun! I have at least three friends due within a couple weeks of me. Lots of little babies coming this summer. 🙂

  2. says

    Super excited, Anna! 😀 I’m off to tell the rest of the family now. 🙂 And I’m praying for you and Baby.
    P.S. I agree with Erik. Those drawings are adorable. 😀

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