Onions for Bruises (& Tumbles!)

Today’s topic: another great use for onions (besides helping break up congestion. And flavoring food, of course!)  But first, a funny story:

Last Wednesday dawned sunny and beautiful. The kids and I all got up earlier than we have of late. After a holiday on Monday and sick day on Tuesday, I determined that today WILL be productive. We’ll get lots of school done. We’ll do extra cleaning. And I’ll spend time just enjoying the kiddos.

With that resolution, I skipped down the stairs to rescue the 3-year-old from the bathroom. We were out of toilet paper. So back up the stairs I ran. On the way to restock, I noticed little Meg peeking her head out from the crib with a smile. So, with three rolls of toilet paper and my water bottle in one hand and Meg and her cozy blanket in the other, I hurried back down the stairs to a now quite impatient little boy.

If your totally productive day gets hijacked by a nasty tumble, onions just might save the day. Use onions to fight swelling and bruises.

At the landing, my socks slipped.

Toilet paper went flying. The water bottle landed halfway down the stairs. And I fell down the stairs face-forward. In the split second it took to hit bottom, I managed to pull Meg close to me and brace our landing with my free hand… and my foot.

Thankfully, Meg was cushioned well, but I landed hard. As the room started darkening and my ears started ringing, I cried out that God wouldn’t let me pass out in front of the shocked and horrified face of my sensitive five-year-old. Instantly, the darkness faded.

(Rose also prayed “God! God help!” Later, when I told her that God has answered our prayers, she said, “But I wasn’t really praying.” It was such a privilege to get to explain to her that we can call upon God when we’re in trouble, just like she would call for me to help. And that He answers!)

I was filled with gratitude… but hardly able to move. I finally managed to crawl to the couch, all plans for a productive morning vanished. Rose and Will (who managed to get himself out of the bathroom by himself) got breakfast ready all by themselves. It was so fun to watch them serve so cheerfully, even if it did take almost an hour!

I can’t help but smile whenever I think of our “productive” morning turned on its head. Especially since there was no real damage, except to my foot.

Which brings us back to onions.

I’m not quite sure how (except maybe that I’m talented like this, you know), but the top of my right foot took most of the brunt of our fall. Moving or touching it send throbbing pain through my whole body. Even keeping it perfectly still, it hurt.

Then I remembered reading that onions are really good for healing bruises and falls in 10 Essential Herbs (a new favorite herbal book !)

After I was able to get up, I cut off a big slice of onion and slid it under my sock against the foot and left it there the rest of the day. The onion helped ease the pain and prevent swelling.  If I hadn’t have run out of onions, it might even have prevented any bruising at all!

I am not a doctor or a nurse. The only hospital I have ever worked at is a doll hospital. There a band-aid can cure a heart attack. Do you own research (these are some of my favorite herbal resources) and consult a health care provider if your condition is serious. 

Do your “productive” days ever turn out quite unexpectedly? 

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  1. Amber says

    Thanks to Anna’s recommendations, onions have been a huge blessing in our home, too! My five-month-old Elise has had her fair share of colds and stuffy noses this first year of her life. I’ve used the onion poultice trick on three separate occasions, and each time, her congestion cleared without a fuss! I’m glad to be armed with a remedy that is not only VERY effective, but also safe for my precious baby. Thank you, God, for onions! AND…for sisters-in-law!

    • anna says

      Amen to that! I’m so blessed to have you just down the street… and it’s thanks to your book that I learned about the onion poultice. 🙂 I love the healing power God put into such a humble plant.

  2. Dawn says

    I loved this story! Having been a mother w/ a brood of children I bet any mom reading this would get a smile. I was the oldest of 6 so I naturally did alot of childcare growing up; I have 4. But I love how you explained that about God to your 5 y.o., so simply. When they’re that young & impressionable they take everything as gospel (which it is!)…. I love 5 y.o.’s. I’m a nana now. This is the best yet.

    • anna says

      Awww, thanks for sharing! Yes, I love five-year-olds.. and I love getting to explain truths to them. Somehow it makes the simplicity and beauty of the Gospel sink in all the more deeply for me. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Dawn!

  3. says

    Oh, Anna! Wow! Does Josh get to hear stories like that from the office, or do you wait until he gets home? 🙂

    Thank you for the tip! Onions are even handier than I originally thought!


  4. says

    Love those stripey socks… so sorry about your fall… I’m taken some full gainers with a half twist many a time (I’m not terribly graceful) so I know how hurtful it can be… so glad you saved Meg from injury… and a new use for onions… I’m so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #68!

    • anna says

      Thanks for stopping by Madge! Yeah, I’m not the most graceful either. 🙂 I was quite happy to find such an easy help for bruises though!

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