Review: Lifefactory Water Bottle

I received a gift for Christmas that has become practically indispensable. I carry it with me around the house, have it by my bed at night, take it on errands, and bring it to church with me.

It has quickly taken on my most-used-item status. It is my Lifefactory glass water bottle.

Have you ever gone for a sip of water from a plastic water bottle only to spit it out because the water tastes like chemicals? I have. Even from a BPA-free plastice water bottle. 

Advice and rumors on the best plastic water bottles abound. 

  • “Buy a water bottle, but make sure it’s BPA-free.”
  • “Actually, BPA-free bottles still might leach chemicals.”
  • “Drink water, just make sure not to leave your water bottle in the sun because it will leach chemicals.”

For better or worse, I decided it was wiser to drink water from a possibly chemical-contaminated plastic water bottle than to not drink water at all, especially on hot summer days.

Until a friend introduced me to Lifefactory’s glass water bottles (sold in protective, pretty silicone sleeves.)

I was instantly sold. Now I can leave the debate about which plastic is best to the scientists and enjoy sipping fresh tasteless water from my glass water bottle all summer long.

Aside from the fact that it’s glass, what’s so great about these water bottles?

Well, I haven’t tried tossing mine around like a baseball, but the silicone sleeve did protect my water bottle on a tumble down the stairs.

Plus (my model at least) has a heavy duty handle which makes it easy to carry and the flip top cap is just right for getting good sips of water without accidentally gushing it down your front (and works for kiddos to drink out of too.)

You can also put the whole bottle in the dishwasher, though I generally wash it by hand so I don’t have to wait a whole hour!

The only problem I’ve had is that a couple times I thought I’d screwed the lid on properly after filling it up, but hadn’t and water leaked until I fixed it. (I’m pretty sure that’s a distracted mom problem, not a design flaw!)

Lifefactory doesn’t just make adult water bottles. In fact, the company began with a single product: a glass baby bottle with silicone sleeve. (Isn’t it cute?!)

They also make kid-sized water bottles, in sippy cup or screw-top styles. Rose received a purple water bottle for Christmas and just loves it!

These bottles are, naturally, more expensive than plastic water bottles, but make an amazing gift and I’m pretty sure I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of it…. even though I’ve only had it for a month! You can find them at your local health food store or order on Amazon 

Have you ever tried a glass water bottle? Did you like it?

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  1. says

    I had my wife Amber buy me one of their 600ml bottles from a local health food store. I love the concept of it, but since I’ve been using 1000ml Nalgene water bottles for the past 5+ years, I am having a hard time stepping down to the 600ml size, especially since I drink over a gallon of water a day.

    That being said, I am really considering just forcing myself to use it, as I really want to be drinking from glass. A friend just sent me this article today about BPS, a common substitute for BPA:

    • anna says

      Good for you, Erik!

      Thanks for sharing the article Erik! So interesting. Like one of the comments said, you can’t really make plastic without some chemicals—and who knows which of the untried ones might be toxic! I’m so glad they make high-quality glass alternatives. 🙂

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