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 A college we didn’t go to (photo credit)

As many of you know, Joshua and I both pursued our degrees non-traditionally, through testing and distance learning.

My dear friend Jessica, who is pursuing her degree this way as well, did an interview of my experiences with taking CLEP exams.

Jessica: Have you graduated from college?

Anna: Yes.  I graduated from Excelsior College in 2009, with a degree in Literature in English. I took a semester at a local college, but completed the rest of my courses through online classes and examination.

Jessica: Which CLEP exams have you taken?

Anna: A lot. I honestly don’t remember them all: Biology, College Mathematics, Micro/Macro-economics, World History, Humanities, and many more. I also took several Dantes exams. 

Follow me over to her blog, Uncommon Student, to read the rest. 


If you’re interested in reading more about how and why we pursued our degrees this way, here are the articles in a series I did called, How to Get Your Bachelor’s in Less Time, for Less:

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