Remember the Past. Commit the Future.

The first hours of the new year found me lying in bed, exhausted but sleepless.

Earlier that weekend my brother told me a scary driving-related anecdote and I lay awake worrying, what if he gets in a car crash? What if he drives to fast? What if he hits a deer? Or a drunk driver pulls out in front of him? Or…?

As my tired emotions came up with new scenarios, my sleepy brain wasn’t able to fight them off. The possibilities loomed large.

Finally, after about forty-five minutes of fruitless worry, I committed my brother to God and went to sleep.

In the morning, my worry seemed as silly as it was; but at midnight, it seemed so real.

This is not me. Despite much effort, I am almost totally map illiterate. (Photo credit)

Hopefully you’ve never spent forty-five minutes worrying about someone (who isn’t even driving) getting into a car crash, but maybe you too struggle with worry (over real or imagined danger.)

Worry is a sin that often plagues me. Since becoming a mom, the temptation to worry is even stronger than it used to be. There are so many “what ifs?” in each child’s future. So many unknowns.

As I was thinking about my tendency to worry, and praying for wisdom to overcome it, the many Scriptural commands to remember came to mind.

  • Remember God’s goodness and power.
  • Remember how He led you in the past.
  • Remember the prayers God answered.

And then I remembered the three ten-hour trips I took last year, alone with our three little children. Each trip God answered prayers. (Once, hay bales caught on fire on the bridge ahead of us and I got lost trying to take a detour on a maze of sketchy dirt road with no cell phone reception. God answered our urgent prayers and a sweet Christian woman just happened to drive down the dirt road we were on and led us back to the highway.)

God was able to get this directionally-challenged Mama and her little ones home safely. He is more than able to protect the loved ones I commit to Him!

Next time worry rears it’s ugly head, I don’t want to waste forty-five minutes in fear. Instead, I want to remember God’s leading in the past. He has never failed us. Remembering God’s past faithfulness will make it much easier to commit the present and the future to His mighty hands, without worry. 

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