My Five Favorite Herbal Books

Knowledge is power. If you want to be able to effectively treat common illnesses at home, these awesome herbal books contain all the information you need to make powerful tinctures, soothing salves, and effective teas. Learn what herbs to use when (and why!)

Build your herbal library with these awesome herbal books. Learn how, when, and why to use herbs to treat common problems at home.

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My 5 Favorite Herbal Books

1:  Herbal Drugstore by White and Foster

If I could only choose one herbal book, it would be the Herbal Drugstore. Why? Because it’s thorough, well-written, and laid out in such a user-friendly format. I turn to it regularly to find the best treatment for my daughter’s ear infection, natural remedies for skin problems, or to see if astragalus is safe during pregnancy. Herbal Drugstore has staved off several visits to the doctor and a regular pharmacy (as well as helped me recognize when a visit is necessary immediately.)

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2: Ten Essential Herbs by Lalitha Thomas

My sister-in-law Amber introduced me to this book and it quickly became a favorite.

My favorite thing about the book is that Lalitha doesn’t overwhelm you with fifty new herbs. She just takes the ten herbs that she thinks are most essential for everyday life and shares in-depth uses for them. Most of the herbs are ones that you probably already use regularly. For example, her first “essential herb” is cayenne.

Did you know that when cayenne is heated it can lead to stomach problems, but dried non-heated cayenne can help stomach problems? (Plus cayenne helps circulation, stops bleeding wounds, helps vision problems, kills parasites, stops shock —I know, it worked for me!-–works as a carrier to make other herbs work better, and much more!)

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3: Medicinal Herbs

Rosemary Gladstar’s beautifully illustrated guide to herbs introduces 33 of the most common and useful herbs. Not only does she show you how and why to use them, she gives great growing instructions. (If you don’t grow anything else, grow herbs. They’re easy to grow and so much fun!)

Ever recipe I’ve tried from her book has been a winner, including anti-bacterial green salve and her famous Good Gargle for a Bad Throat.

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4: Food – Your Miracle Medicine by Jean Carper

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food,” wrote Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine.

After combing through over 10,000 studies on food, Jean Carper concludes: food is a miracle medicine. She pulls from these studies and highlights foods that studies show help combat disease. For example

  • According to studies, an ounce of fatty fish a day reduces your chance of heart disease by 50%
  • Garlic and onions contain over 30 different carcinogen-fighting properties
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5. Mommy Diagnostics by Shonda Parker

Written by a mom to moms, Shonda’s book is practical field-guide, written from a distinctly Christian perspective. Shonda urges moms to be proactive in their child’s health and to use herbs as the first line of defense to health. Mommy Diagnostics is filled with practical suggestions for diagnosing and treating minor illnesses, but the thing I love most about her book is the way she views sickenss (and herbs) from a Biblical worldview.

As Shonda points out, sin brought sickness and death into the world and no amount of herbs is gonna let you escape the curse of death. But God has give us such a wonderful treasure-trove of resources in His creation. Exploring the world of herbs can not only increase our health, but should make us worship our Creator!

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Build your herbal library with these awesome five herbal medicinal books. Learn how to make salves, tinctures, and what herb to use when!

Runner Ups:

Those are my five top herbal books, but I just had to mention a couple other favorite resources:

Nutritional Herbology by Mark Pederson

Have you ever wondered what herbs are good if you’re lacking calcium or iron? This book takes you beyond the basics of what herb is good for what problem and analyzes the properties of the herbs in detail. For each herb, Mark lists the nutritional properties as well as how it has traditionally been used to help various maladies. This a great resource for those who wish to get a better understanding of herb!

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Taking Charge of Your Fertility

I hesitate to recommend a book by a non-Christian feminist, but Taking Charge of Your Fertility taught me so much about how a woman’s body works and made me stand in awe of God’s incredible wisdom in His design. It answered so many questions I’ve had. I really think that many of the things she talks about used to be passed down from mother to daughter but have been lost as we’ve become more and more dependent on doctors to just tell us what’s going on. (And I don’t think that’s just the doctors fault!)

Build Your Herbal Library

A good herbal library will empower you to naturally treat common illnesses, scrapes, and minor emergencies at home. These are my very favorite resources that I turn to over and over again. Start building your herbal library and begin playing “mommy doctor”.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite books on herbs and natural living? 

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  1. says

    After the holidays I want to purchase a book on herbs, your reviews have helped me to make a decision. Most of the time I just go to the internet, but really would love a book.

    Stopping by from the Natural Living Link Up.

    • anna says

      So glad it was helpful. 🙂 I love the internet too, but sometimes it’s just really nice to have a copy of a book you can turn to whenever!

  2. says

    Linda wrote: “@Judy & Anna – I checked the book out of the library and made my first hydrosol with lavender from my garden using the inverted lid over a pot with ice on it method – thanks for the suggestion!”Glad your library had it. The directions are easy to follow. The only thing I don’t like is that his method recommendations for herbs are limited to the list of his favorite herbs. I have hollyhocks and can’t find anything in this book about them.

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