Assemble a Natural Remedy Closet, November’s Additions

Learning more about herbs and how they work makes me even more awed at the incredible amazingness of God’s creation!

This past month I finished watching Making Babies [there’s just one more day to enter to win a copy!], started reading Practical Herbalism and 10 Essential Herbs, plus spent lots of time talking about herbs with family who have taught me all sorts of interesting things!

It has been a while since I’ve ordered from The Bulk Herb Store, and I had to practice serious self-constraint to not spent $200 on my order!

Oatstraw from The Bulk Herb Store

Previous purchases:

January: $16.73
February: $10.22
March: $18.93
April $24.19
September $17.74
October $22.58
Total to date: $110.39

Oatstraw (1/2 lb.), $4.70 

It seems weird to be steeping a tea made of straw, but oatstraw is one of the best herbal sources of magnesium, according to Nutritional Herbology. Magnesium helps the body absorb calciumOatstraw is also a good source of calcium itself. Since good calcium absorption is so important for growing bones, oatstraw seemed a very important addition to our tea.

Peppermint (1 lb), $14.20

When our box from the Bulk Herb Store arrived, it smelled like peppermint even before I opened up the lid. Yummy!

Peppermint tea  isn’t just delicious, it helps stimulate digestion, strengthen nerves, cleanse the body, relieve stomach ache, and energize you! Along with drinking more water, I am trying to drink at least one cup of herbal tea each day.

Chamomile flowers from The Bulk Herb Store

Chamomile (1/2 lb.), $5.90

Picking flowers is fun, but getting to drink a tea made from flowers? The kiddos think that’s super cool! A mug of chamomile tea isn’t just cool, it’s filled healing properties. Chamomile flower tea helps with digestion, calms the nerves, and is a mild way to combat insomnia.

Cayenne, $1.00 

I picked up a bit of cayenne pepper at the health food store. It is an amazing “herb” in itself but also works as a carrier to make other herbs work better. My sister-in-law loaned me a copy of her favorite herbal book, 10 Essential Herbs by Lalitha Thomas. Lalitha’s first “essential” herb is cayenne. She uses it to help stomach problems, increase circulation, fight infections and all sorts of other things.

One fascinating thing she wrote is that once cayenne is cooked it can cause stomach problems. Raw and dried it helps them. So, if you want to add cayenne to your tea, let the tea cool a little bit first!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or nurse. The only hospital I’ve ever worked in is a doll hospital. There a band-aid heals a heart attack. Please talk to your health care professional and do your own research before treating serious health problems!

What are your favorite remedies? Have you tried any new herbs lately? 

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    I love making tea and infusions with herbs, my favorite is nettle infusion, well not the taste. Nettle is packed with so many vitamins and minerals, I’m drinking one infusion a week, but now I would benefit more if I drank it daily.

    Due to a bout with low potassium which turned out to be an electrolyte issue I have been consuming Hibiscus tea daily. Yesterday for the first time I decided to add some organic sugar to the tea along with some ice. Yummy I have had two huge cups so far today. I blogged about my experience, and even created a potassium packed recipe. Please feel free to check out my blog, and read about it.

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