Timeliness Update & December’s Challenge

November’s goal was simple: to get ready FIRST.

What does that mean?

It means getting church clothes laid out and the diaper bag packed Saturday night.

It means collecting the stuff we need for our trip and making sure the kids have shoes on and have gone to the bathroom before I throw the dishes in the dishwasher.

It means getting all those odds and ends (like the copy of Making Babies a friend wanted to borrow [enter to win a copy here!], the book I borrowed, and the shoes that my sister left) gathered and placed by the door right away, instead of waiting until it’s time to head out the door.

It’s amazing how much less stressful my life has been by implementing this one simple habit! We’ve been on time more regularly, and at least when we’re not it’s usually because of something out of my control.

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December’s Goal: Drink More Water

Anyone else have trouble with dry skin during the winter? As soon as the cold, dry weather hit, my hands started to looking like deserts. Putting raw shea butter (or coconut oil) on my hands right before going to bed has really helped.

But, that’s just taking care of one of the symptoms. My real problem is not drinking enough water. So that’s my goal this month: to drink at least 8 cups of water or fresh herbal tea a day.

The children are doing much better about answering adults audibly, so this month I’m going to have them join me on my habit challenge!

What about you? Have you been working on any new habits lately? How are you doing?  

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    Good job, Anna!
    I can’t say that I’ve been working on a new habit for a while. I should. I think I’ll join you on drinking more water! 😛 I know when I don’t I often end up with a headache and that is no fun especially during this busy time.

  2. says

    I really need to drink more water. Our water tastes kind of “eh” and I hate using bottled water because its so wasteful. Plus I just really love Dr. Pepper.

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