Random Thoughts on New Heaters

Last night, just as Joshua was getting ready to read aloud to the family by the fire, he got a call from his brother. (It’s a long story, but his brother rents a house from us. He and his wife take great care of it and the “rent” covers the mortgage so it’s been good for both of us in this real estate market!)

What his brother (and we!) hoped was an easy repair to the heating unit turns out to not be so easy. The repairman said the whole unit would have to be replaced… at a price tag of three to five thousand dollars!

I wish I could say that the first thing that passed through my mind was what a blessing this didn’t happen while we were in law school! 

It wasn’t.

Instead I thought why did this happen just as we were starting to get some good traction with financial goals AND right before Christmas?! There goes the money for the nice presents I wanted to get the kids! 

After we put the kids in bed, Joshua and I sat by the fire and talked. I am so blessed to be married to a man who is much more level-headed when it comes to finances.

He pointed out what a blessing it was that we didn’t have to come up with money to replace the heater when we were in law school. He encouraged me to put it in perspective, to choose gratitude, and to not overreact. [i.e. The kids will still have Christmas presents!]

Is there ever a really great time for a major “unexpected” expense? Broken heaters, broken vehicles, and major repairs are part of life. If they happen to be among the biggest trials we’re facing at the moment, we are very blessed!

I pray that next time I am faced with an unexpected expense my first thought is one of gratitude to God for providing so well for us in the past, and trust that He will always continue to provide!

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  1. says

    So sorry about the heater! I chuckled though because your response was pretty much exactly the same as mine when our transmission went out last week. It really could have been worse timing, and everything really will be fine. I just immediately was disappointed about not getting to increase the kid gift budget like I’d been hoping to this year.

    • anna says

      So sorry about your transmission! It is funny though how we both had the same reaction to our large unexpected December expenses though.

      Hopefully next year we can both up our Christmas budgets! 🙂


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