Pantry Art: Fun Kid Craft

Rose and Will have their Daddy’s creative genes. I am so grateful, but really have to push my practical self to encourage their creativity. Honestly, sometimes it feels like making a huge craft mess is just too much trouble. But when we pull out the supplies and I watch their creativity unfold, the mess is every bit worth it!

My little sister, who is just five months older than Rose, came over for “school” this morning. I wanted to do a craft with them but my mind drew a complete blank. Right before turning to Pinterest, fun childhood memories of this pantry art came to mind. I vividly remember sitting around the table with my twin brothers and making pantry art for many happy hours.

We’re out of glue (unless we have some buried in one of the unpacked office boxes) but Pinterest came to the rescue with this recipe for homemade glue. The jury is still out on how well it holds, but the children all had fun helping make it. Plus it’s edible, which for some reason made me quite happy.

Dried noodles, beans, popcorn, and grains make fun shapes to glue on. The girls drew shapes and then I lathered on the glue. (Just think how detailed you could get if you had an actual bottle of glue!)

While the big kids made art, Meg dumped beans from one container to another. She had almost as much fun as they did.

What are your favorite kid crafts? 

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  1. says

    (You have a typo in the title! 😉 )

    That looks like such fun. I remember we used to have a large collection of sequins and small beads from somewhere that I loved gluing on to paper. I’d spend hours doing it.
    Another fun project involves markers, water and coffee filters. 🙂 Use the markers (not washable markers if you really want it to work well) to draw and color pictures on the coffee filters. Then dip the filter in water and hang it up to dry. 🙂 You could even cut out snowflakes ones the filters dry.

    • anna says

      Oh my! Thanks so much for pointing that out, dear Bekah. How embarrassing! Lol!

      What a fun coffee filter idea! Thanks for sharing.

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